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How to Adjust TV using Service Mode


Upon surfing the net, I found this interesting website that can be useful to those students and technicians want to be that starting to learn repairing televisions units. Just a piece of reminder,

The codes that we are going to learn about is not suitable for users, these code are for those technicians that needs to access the system control of a television to made some adjustments especially when you newly replaced a memory IC that is basically empty when you buy it from electronics store. Don’t try to this if you don’t know what are you doing or else you will end up of damaging you tv set. When entering service mode, first to consider is to list down all the value before doing any adjustments , this is the only way to restore your television to default.

Entering Service Mode

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In this website, we will learn how to enter the service mode and service codes of some television units available in the market especially for CRT Televisions.

Here is the website:

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