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Samsung CRT Monitor Control Lock Always Flashing Problem and Solution

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Samsung CRT Monitor Control Lock Always Flashing Problem and SolutionIn this article, I wanna share to you our experience in repairing Control Lock Always Flashing Problem. We got this monitor from one of the office in the mall where I am working. It was a Samsung Syncmaster CRT Monitor model  551V with a problem of insufficient width and the menu is always pop up until it shows that it is locked, which looks like the menu switch is pressed for a long period of... [ Continue reading... ]


Making A Backup Of Huawei Modem NVitems Tutorial

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Making A Backup Of Huawei Modem NVitems TutorialQPST Tutorial for Making Backup of the Data of your Huawei Modem before doing any Flashing Procedure to  1.Download the QPST Software and install it. 2. Find out on what port your modem is assigned. -go to control panel -device manager         3. Open QPST Program -Click “Start” -”All Programs” -”QPST” -Select QPST Configuration   4. Add the port that we see on the... [ Continue reading... ]


Huawei Modem E153-U1, E153-U2, E153-U3 Permanent Unlock

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Huawei Modem E153-U1, E153-U2, E153-U3 Permanent UnlockHere are the Software Needed: 1. Download the QPST Software. 2. Download the Huawei Flasher, credits to "FrAnCeScO" for making this flasher. Updated Link 3. E153 Downgrade Firmware Warning: Do it on your own risk. I will not be held responsible on any damage done to your device. Then here are the steps in Unlocking our Huawei Modems: 1. Make a backup first of your NVitem using QPST. Go to the link provided for the instruction.... [ Continue reading... ]


PISONET Wiring Diagram

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PISONET Wiring Diagram   Here is diagram of the wiring of a Piso Net, which is popular here in the Philippines by using a PC with a Timer and Coin Slot to operate an Internet Cafe even without supervision because it is made to operate automatically. The main issue here is what signal or power source that you will cut to switch it using a relay. Some users are freezing the keyboard and mouse while other cut the signal or power line of the... [ Continue reading... ]


The Optoisolator IC (Error Amp) In Power Supply

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The Optoisolator IC (Error Amp) In Power SupplyIn this new article, we will now be talking about the use of the Optoisolator IC which is commonly used in the feedback circuit on a variety of power supplies that are autovolt on my opinion. Most power supplies like DVD players and Chargers that I have repair using an Optoisolator IC with a value of PIC817, this power supply is autovolt, which means it can be plugged either on a 220 volts or 110 volts supply source. According to Sirkevin,... [ Continue reading... ]


Basics in TV Repair Guide

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Basics in TV Repair GuideHere are some of the useful information that we must know if we want to learn about TV Repair, but before this, you must also have the knowledge about the electronics components and the symbols that we see when dealing a schematic diagrams and printed on the circuit boards. You must learn the basic functions of the Resistors, Diodes and other semiconductor components that are available on electronics circuits. For more information about the... [ Continue reading... ]


Repairing a No Display POS Computer

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Repairing a No Display POS ComputerToday, I am repairing a POS unit which is used on the transaction on the sale in the Mall I am working.   The problem of this unit is that having a No Display Problem. I checked the unit and found out that there are a lot of electrolytic capacitors that get bulgy on its top which is a sign that it is defective. So I take out from the circuits those two big electrolytic capacitors for checking. You can also replaced directly all... [ Continue reading... ]


Testing Electrolytic Capacitor

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Testing Electrolytic Capacitor The best way of testing a capacitor will depends to the type of capacitor you are going to test. Electrolytic capacitors that are leaky are not so common. You can take each capacitor out on the circuit and test it using a cap checker or using your VOM, but in-circuit testing of the capacitor is quicker and save a lot of time. Do a visual observation and inspection to the capacitor and see if there are any electrolytic capacitor are bulging... [ Continue reading... ]


Symptoms of Some Most Common Display Problems of CRT TV and CRT Monitors

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Symptoms of Some Most Common Display Problems of CRT TV and CRT Monitors   These are the common display or deflection problem that you can encounter when troubleshooting a CRT TV and Monitors. You can print this image to serves as your reference when you are repairing a deflection or display problems of a CRT TV and Monitors. For beginners who are new in this field, they don't know how it looks like a Pincushion or Keystone Distortion problem, that is the reason why they have difficulty in looking the fix... [ Continue reading... ]

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