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Making A Transformerless Power Supply

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Making A Transformerless Power SupplyUpon surfing the net, I have found this site: displaying their projects on making a Transformerless Power Supply with a 12 volts output voltage and a current of 100mA. We usually see this kind of power supply on a China made model of rechargeable products like flashlights and mosquito killer. This circuit catches my attention because of its application in our work which needs a power supply and we can also use... [ Continue reading... ]


How to Repair Dell LCD With Flashing Power Light?

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How to Repair Dell LCD With Flashing Power Light? I think you wanna know how to repair your Dell flat screen Monitor having a problem of blinking green power light. When you will going to search on google about this kind of problem, you will find some answers that the common culprit on this Dell monitor is likely a defective transistor and it needs an electronics repair knowledge. But if you want to repair it by yourself, you can do it by following a repair guide wrote by Jose Pino on his... [ Continue reading... ]


TV Basic Repair Guide: Common Problems

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TV Basic Repair Guide: Common ProblemsThis post is for those who want to know the common problems that we will encounter in repairing Television set. I will be posting some common problems and their possible solution and tricks to repair this problem.               CRT-TV-Circuit-Board (Made In China Universal Board) DEFECT: Single Vertical Line In The Center POSSIBLE HINTS :  1.) Check first the vertical IC. Some... [ Continue reading... ]


Welcome To RonElex Electronics Blog

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Welcome To RonElex Electronics BlogHere in this blog, I will be posting articles that are based on my own knowledge based on my experience as an Electronics Technician and as my current work as an IT Support Personnel of a MALL. I will also share some articles in this blog that I have acquired from surfing in the Internet that is useful for the readers on this blog. As you can see on this site, it is still under on its developing stage and I am still working on developing... [ Continue reading... ]

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