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Basics in TV Repair Guide


Here are some of the useful information that we must know if we want to learn about TV Repair, but before this, you must also have the knowledge about the electronics components and the symbols that we see when dealing a schematic diagrams and printed on the circuit boards. You must learn the basic functions of the Resistors, Diodes and other semiconductor components that are available on electronics circuits. For more information about the Semiconductors, here is a website that can help you understand more About Semiconductors.



Basics in TV repair guide

┬áIn the diagram above, it shows “How a Television works”. It is a block diagram of the main parts of a television set and shows the flow the signal.

TV Parts and Sections Diagram

In this diagram, it shows the different section in a Television Set. This can be serves as a reference when referring a television set. You must have the knowledge on how to diagnose problem so can just choose on what section you will troubleshoot to decrease the time of your troubleshooting.

Here are the parts list from the above diagram:

1. Speaker
2. Yoke
3. Video Amplifier
4. CRT Socket
5. High Voltage Section
6. Bridge Diode
7. Regulator
8. Audio Amp (green square) Audio Section
9. Tuner
10. Flyback
11. Chopper
12. EEPROM (Memory IC)
13. Vertical
14 Horizontal

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