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Basics in TV Repair Guide


Here are some of the useful information that we must know if we want to learn about TV Repair, but before this, you must also have the knowledge about the electronics components and the symbols that we see when dealing a schematic diagrams and printed on the circuit boards. You must learn the basic functions of the Resistors, Diodes and other semiconductor components that are available on electronics circuits. For more information about the Semiconductors, here is a website that can help you understand more About Semiconductors.



Basics in TV repair guide

┬áIn the diagram above, it shows “How a Television works”. It is a block diagram of the main parts of a television set and shows the flow the signal.

TV Parts and Sections Diagram

In this diagram, it shows the different section in a Television Set. This can be serves as a reference when referring a television set. You must have the knowledge on how to diagnose problem so can just choose on what section you will troubleshoot to decrease the time of your troubleshooting.

Here are the parts list from the above diagram:

1. Speaker
2. Yoke
3. Video Amplifier
4. CRT Socket
5. High Voltage Section
6. Bridge Diode
7. Regulator
8. Audio Amp (green square) Audio Section
9. Tuner
10. Flyback
11. Chopper
12. EEPROM (Memory IC)
13. Vertical
14 Horizontal

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22 Responses to “Basics in TV Repair Guide”

  1. benny says:

    i start to repair tv s and i like to do this to earn some i just need more guidences to start

  2. Mahesh says:

    hi in my tv picture showing only upper half portion…please suggest me which part and what component is defective…?

  3. waqar Ahmed says:

    Please guide me separate portion of this tv diagram

  4. pritam khadse says:

    hi i have became expert in tv repair and understand functions done in tv set i know near-about 50% so how can i start

  5. Bala says:

    My Thomson Quadra 21 CRT has missing red color (Display is blue green picture). Otherwise picture is correct. I tried changing the main IC (STV2118B) and also Chrominance delay IC(TDA4665) but no effect – Picture is still missing red color. I cleaned all contacts – still no red color. All 3 filaments are glowing uniformly in the CRT neck. The red voltage on the CRT neck board is higher (4.6V) than the other colors (3.4V). Please help me with your suggestions.

    • Bala says:

      I found that the problem was a weak soldering on the smd capacitor on the red circuit part of the video driver board. Hope this helps someone. There appears to be no way a amateur can test smd capacitors on board for faulty soldering. I simply resoldered the smd caps one by one blindly and it worked. Have to see if ESR meter will help in future.

  6. tda11105ps ic any problems

  7. kyaterekera Rashid, Uganda says:

    my tv set when switched on it takes a maximum one one and pictures start shacking then it brings a blue screen. this is what is bothering me too much. any help pliz email me as i venture this site.

  8. ngu clement says:

    i repair tv for living and love to develop my skill on tv repairing please help me

  9. your tv repair guide is very helpful to me.

  10. Hey, I have a CRT monitor (LG), this was working well but one day it suddenly shut down and started some tik tok sound, the led indicator on an off, can you help me??

  11. rhanz says:

    Hi gud day, my tv is vertical problem have a black bar at both up and down its almost 2″ the black bar, I changed all the capacitor at the vertical section but there is no improvement.. so what is the another solution for this? Tanx

  12. pankaj says:

    hi i want tv repair book or pdf file plz help me anyone

  13. Mathata says:

    My sansui 71cm crt tv flashes red then follows repetitive clicks sound but never came on, this happened after we experienced power failure PLS what might be the problem with it ??

  14. don says:

    My CRT monitor has power, the led indicator is blinking when there is no input signal and steady when there is, but the screen is totally blank like it is turned off. Any suggestion as to possible solution? Thanks.

  15. R.Jegadeesan ramasamy says:

    I have sony trinitron crt tv model KV-AR29M68 .The left end of picture from top bottom about 2 inches picture is cut and showing black in vertically and otherwise the picture side ok what could be the fault.i am checked the capacitors near horizontal driver transistor that seems to be alright and and driver transistor is alright and voltages are ok then what to check

  16. George says:

    Is CRTsocket of tv are all the same? Im looking for crt for LG CRT socket tv i dont know what serial or model it is I only found (PCS 030, 030422).


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