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Getting Bias Current of an Output Transistor of an Amplifier Circuit

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Getting Bias Current of an Output Transistor of an Amplifier Circuit Ronelex Electronics/Biasing Current of an Output Transistor In this article, we will be focused on getting the bias current of an output transistor of an amplifier circuit. According to wikipedia: Biasing in electronics is the method of establishing predetermined voltages or currents at various points of an electronic circuit to set an appropriate operating point. The operating point of a device, also known as bias point, quiescent point, or... [ Continue reading... ]


Basics In Electronics : Microcontroller Course

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Basics In Electronics : Microcontroller Course Ronelex Electronics/Microcontroller Course Here are the contents of this tutorial: Analog Electronics which includes about The Components of Electricity, Resistor, Capacitor, About Ohm’s Law, Inductor, Diode, Transistor, Relays and OP-Amps. Digital Electronics which includes The Introduction to Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal and The Introduction to Logic Gates   [slideshare... [ Continue reading... ]


The Optoisolator IC (Error Amp) In Power Supply

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The Optoisolator IC (Error Amp) In Power SupplyIn this new article, we will now be talking about the use of the Optoisolator IC which is commonly used in the feedback circuit on a variety of power supplies that are autovolt on my opinion. Most power supplies like DVD players and Chargers that I have repair using an Optoisolator IC with a value of PIC817, this power supply is autovolt, which means it can be plugged either on a 220 volts or 110 volts supply source. According to Sirkevin,... [ Continue reading... ]


Basics in TV Repair Guide

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Basics in TV Repair GuideHere are some of the useful information that we must know if we want to learn about TV Repair, but before this, you must also have the knowledge about the electronics components and the symbols that we see when dealing a schematic diagrams and printed on the circuit boards. You must learn the basic functions of the Resistors, Diodes and other semiconductor components that are available on electronics circuits. For more information about the... [ Continue reading... ]


Testing Electrolytic Capacitor

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Testing Electrolytic Capacitor The best way of testing a capacitor will depends to the type of capacitor you are going to test. Electrolytic capacitors that are leaky are not so common. You can take each capacitor out on the circuit and test it using a cap checker or using your VOM, but in-circuit testing of the capacitor is quicker and save a lot of time. Do a visual observation and inspection to the capacitor and see if there are any electrolytic capacitor are bulging... [ Continue reading... ]


Symptoms of Some Most Common Display Problems of CRT TV and CRT Monitors

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Symptoms of Some Most Common Display Problems of CRT TV and CRT Monitors   These are the common display or deflection problem that you can encounter when troubleshooting a CRT TV and Monitors. You can print this image to serves as your reference when you are repairing a deflection or display problems of a CRT TV and Monitors. For beginners who are new in this field, they don't know how it looks like a Pincushion or Keystone Distortion problem, that is the reason why they have difficulty in looking the fix... [ Continue reading... ]


TV Basic Repair Guide: Common Problems

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TV Basic Repair Guide: Common ProblemsThis post is for those who want to know the common problems that we will encounter in repairing Television set. I will be posting some common problems and their possible solution and tricks to repair this problem.               CRT-TV-Circuit-Board (Made In China Universal Board) DEFECT: Single Vertical Line In The Center POSSIBLE HINTS :  1.) Check first the vertical IC. Some... [ Continue reading... ]

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