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Huawei E5220-2 Pocket Wifi Unlock/Openline Tutorials

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Huawei E5220-2 Pocket Wifi Unlock/Openline TutorialsHuawei E5220s-2 Pocket Wifi Unlock Tutorials After a long search on how to unlock my Huawei E5220s-2 Pocket WiFi  so I can use other sim rather than globe.  Then I found on a Symbianize Forum a method that can unlock my device without having to reflashed it, we only needs the New Algorithm Code to unlock it. It is also applicable for the Huawei Broadband E357 and E359 tried and tested.         Here... [ Continue reading... ]


Build Your Own Automatic Car Battery Charger

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Build Your Own Automatic Car Battery ChargerThis is a project for those who want to build their very own  Automatic Battery Charger. This is a project made by one of  the member of  Elab Forum, duc_tech. But as a reminder, this circuit don't have a current limiter which means this charger is good to use only on a known good battery but not on a battery that have defects like having a short or open plates which will cause the diodes, switching Thyristor and transformer to heat easily.... [ Continue reading... ]


Modding an Asus 701 (Eee) to Have Internal Bluetooth

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Modding an Asus 701 (Eee) to Have Internal Bluetooth[tnkgrl] has modded an Acer Aspire One subnotebook to have internal Bluetooth to be used for connecting her Buetooth mouse and her Sony Ericsson as modem. She covers disassembly and adding the Bluetooth hardware in the circuits and to locate the pins where to connect. Modding the Asus 701 (Eee) –... [ Continue reading... ]


Testing a Remote Controller Make Easier

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Testing a Remote Controller Make EasierI just wanna share a simple and effective way on testing any kind of remote controller if it is still functional. This is for those who don't know this trick on testing a remote controller. These are the two ways on which you can test your remote control: 1.) turn on your radio then tuned it into AM band tune in to low band and press any key to your remote control and you can heard sound like motor booting from your AM radio meaning your... [ Continue reading... ]


LCD Monitor Blinking For A Minutes Before It Totally Turned On

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LCD Monitor Blinking For A Minutes Before It Totally Turned OnI have a LG L1510BFN Touch Screen that I am using as my monitor on my service unit. The LCD monitor has a small problem which it is just blinking in first 1-5 minutes from cold start. It looks like it needs to be charged before it works. Action taken: Hang up the line going to the control board. The pin labeled with 12 volts measures 13 volts and 5 volts measured 4.8 volts something and when plugged to the control board, the 12 volts... [ Continue reading... ]


Repairing Samsung Model CT-21Z45ML With 5 Blinks

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Repairing Samsung Model CT-21Z45ML With  5 BlinksIn this article, this is a problem experience by Jonban, one of the members in Elab Forum, on his Samsung TV that he has repairing. The problem on this unit unit was that it doesn't turn on and just blinks 5 times and then stop. Upon switching the main power switch, the B+ measures 110 volts and then in this mode, the TV is in standby mode on my conclusion. And by pressing the channel button must turned on the TV but it just blinks 5 times the... [ Continue reading... ]


How to Remove ISORT (Sanyo TV)

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How to Remove ISORT (Sanyo TV)Have you accidentally pressed Menu + 2 and the result was that an isort appeared in the menu and caused your remote controller to malfunction? Here is the solution you're looking to solve this kind of problem. I got this solution from Elab Forum shared by one of the master, Mi25, who have also encountered this kind of trouble on his Sanyo TV when he accidentally pressed Menu + 2 instead of Menu + 1 to enter service menu. This solution is... [ Continue reading... ]


Repairing LG CRT Monitor With No Display Problem

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Repairing LG CRT Monitor With No Display Problem  I have receive this LG Studioworks 505G Monitor with a  for repair here in our IT Office from a complain of  no display but the standby light lit green which mean that the signal from a  computer have reach the monitor but  it don't show some display. Even if I unplugged the LG monitor from the computer, it still don't show a display on its screensaver. The case history of this unit was that its color turns yellow which... [ Continue reading... ]


How to Repair LCD Monitor: Takes Time To turn On

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How to Repair LCD Monitor: Takes Time To turn OnThe problem in this LCD Monitor was that it won't power on, just blinking for a couple of minutes or it takes longer for your LCD monitor to start, or the picture is unreadable, replacing the capacitors will probably help to fix the problem of your LCD monitor back to normal. [youtube] This video shows how to take apart the LCD monitor, checking the capacitors, removing the capacitors in the... [ Continue reading... ]

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