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Understanding on How Switch Mode Power Supply Works

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Understanding on How Switch Mode Power Supply Works Ronelex Electronics/Switch Mode Power Supply Some of us like technician want to learn more about the Switch Mode Power Supply commonly called SMPS. This is a special type of power that uses a chopper transformer instead of an ordinary metal core transformer. We have to learn how this type of power supply works for us to  have knowledge on how to repair this switch mode power supply  if we will encounters problem related to power... [ Continue reading... ]


How to Adjust TV using Service Mode

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How to Adjust TV using Service ModeUpon surfing the net, I found this interesting website that can be useful to those students and technicians want to be that starting to learn repairing televisions units. Just a piece of reminder, The codes that we are going to learn about is not suitable for users, these code are for those technicians that needs to access the system control of a television to made some adjustments especially when you newly replaced a memory IC that is... [ Continue reading... ]


Jejebot: Tagalog Version of Simsimi

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Jejebot: Tagalog Version of Simsimi Here is a Pinoy version of the very popular Simsimi apps on the internet. The difference of this site to that of simsimi is where you can ask Jejebot even you are offline by just using your mobile phones by texting the bot on its number "09391803459" and it will reply you, instantly you have a textmate... [ Continue reading... ]

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