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How to reset bios password or supervisor password on Lenovo Laptop


This method should work on any laptop make. I do not take any responsibility if you damage your board. This video is only for reference on how to clear/bypass security settings. For those who looking for EEPROM location for Lenovo computer, copy and paste this web page:

Here are the instruction on how to do it but remember do it at your own risks.

1. Power on laptop.

2. When display comes on, short SDA and SCL just a little before pressing F1 to access the BIOS. The timing here was tricky and took me many tries. When I got it correct, the computer would display errors like “EAIA access failed” and “security: invalid remote change requested” (didn’t write down the exact messages)

3. After these errors, it would enter the BIOS. Keep the pins shorted. If the timing was correct, when you access the Security->Password menu, the supervisor password should say “disabled” IT IS NOT YET DISABLED

4. Keep the pins shorted, and open the change supervisor password box

5. Release the pins once the “enter new password” dialog appears. You must release the pins for the changes you are about to make can be written to the chip.

6. Enter a blank password in both boxes in the “change supervisor password” menu.

7. Disable all over security options. If you did it correctly, you can scroll around the menu and the supervisor password will stay “disabled.” The BIOS consults that chip when you move the cursor, and if you didn’t get it right, the setting will return to “enabled” Save an exit, and the supervisor password should be cleared. The above took many tries, but with patience you can get it.

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