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Huawei E5220-2 Pocket Wifi Unlock/Openline Tutorials


Huawei E5220s-2 Pocket Wifi Unlock Tutorials

After a long search on how to unlock my Huawei E5220s-2 Pocket WiFi  so I can use other sim rather than globe.  Then I found on a Symbianize Forum a method that can unlock my device without having to reflashed it, we only needs the New Algorithm Code to unlock it. It is also applicable for the Huawei Broadband E357 and E359 tried and tested.




E357 Openline


Here are the following steps i did to unlock my device :

1. First you have to download this Sun Broadband Dashboard.

2. After you have download it, extract it and look for the Sun Broadband Wireless.exe and open it.

Sun Broadband

3. Insert your device to your PC using another sim provider and wait until it pop up asking you to enter unlock code then your device can be unlocked using the codes that we can generate using the site in the next step. We are doing this step to make your sure if your device is capable to be unlocked using unlocked codes. The unlock codes that we are needed is the New Algorithm Code for the new devices.

Unlocking Pocket Wifi

4. Go to

5. Sign in using your google account.

6. Type the IMEI number (a 15 digits number) and the Model Number of the device you want to unlock.

Unlocking and Openline Pocket Wifi

7. After you click the Calculate button, you have to click the g+1 button to show the result.

Huawei Code Calculator

8. Then copy the New Algo Code that is a 8 digits number that we will use in unlocking.

Huawei Unlock Code

9. Insert other network sim card and plug it on your Pocket WiFi and connect it to the PC the open the Sun Broadband Dashboard to put the code you have copy. (Applicable for Huawei Broadbands Stick and Huawei Pocket Wifi).

Insert other network sim card and plug it on your Pocket WiFi and connect it to the PC and on the browser type (Applicable on Pocket Wifi)

10. Input the 8 digits number you have just copied from the site. And presto, your device now is now unlocked.

Openline E5220

Globe Pocket Wifi

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