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LCD Monitor Blinking For A Minutes Before It Totally Turned On


I have a LG L1510BFN Touch Screen that I am using as my monitor on my service unit. The LCD monitor has a small problem which it is just blinking in first 1-5 minutes from cold start. It looks like it needs to be charged before it works.

Action taken:

Hang up the line going to the control board. The pin labeled with 12 volts measures 13 volts and 5 volts measured 4.8 volts something and when plugged to the control board, the 12 volts will measures 16 volts and the led will blink with a green color of the LED Light. When it will display a picture, the 12 volts pin will now measure 13 volts.


This is most likely induced by small power fluctuations in the power board due to some capacitors that are malfunctioning. It is a frequent problem with LCD monitors and is simple to resolve if you have some electronic knowledge.

LG L1510BFN Touch Screen

Replacing all the capacitors on the secondary power supply solves the problem. I just replaced them all with a new capacitor with the value. If you don’t want to spend much money on replacing all the capacitors that are still functional, then you must build your own ESR Capacitor Tester which you can used to test capacitors even in-circuit which can also saves your time in finding the defective capacitors in the circuit.



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