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Making A Backup Of Huawei Modem NVitems Tutorial


QPST Tutorial for Making Backup of the Data of your Huawei Modem before doing any Flashing Procedure to 

1.Download the QPST Software and install it.

2. Find out on what port your modem is assigned.

-go to control panel
-device manager





Modem Port

3. Open QPST Program
-Click “Start”
-”All Programs”
-Select QPST Configuration

QPST Configuration


4. Add the port that we see on the device manager. That is the port of our modem.
-Click “Add New Port

Adding New Port

5. Unchecked  the  “Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic Port Only” to show all available ports.
-highlight the assign port of modem, in this tutorial the assigned port is “Com4″. Click “OK”

Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic Port

-If the port that you select is correct, your Phone name will looks like this:

Modem detected

Highlight the COM4 based on this tutorial but it depends on what port your modem is assigned, and click  “Start Clients” and  select the “Software Download

QPST Software Download Mode

While in Software Download Mode, the port must be the assigned port and if not, click the “Browse” in the right to search for the port. Click the “Backup” Tab and click “Browse” in  the right “QCN file” in searching the directory to save the backup file. Lastly click “Start

Start Back Up

Watch This Video Tutorial for More Detailed Instruction:

[Watch The Video On Youtube]

Credits to : Moklo of Symbianize for this very useful tutorials.

Photo credits to: Sir Moklo

Video originally made by me.

Posted by Ronelex 5 Responses

5 Responses to “Making A Backup Of Huawei Modem NVitems Tutorial”

  1. jancedrick says:

    nakalimutan ko pong magbackup pls.. pwede po bang ibagay niyo yung backup niyo plz

  2. Bakar says:

    is very good

  3. Rai says:

    after doing this flash, my usb stick shows “ini fail”. Nagfail ung NORMAL MODE sa flash. Ngayon pag nilagay ko ung broadband stick sa USB lumalabas “Ini Fail”. Please help.


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