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How to Open a Computer’s CD or DVD Player without Having Turning It On?


I think you are interested on how to open a CD or DVD player of your computer and laptop without turning it on.

In a case, you are playing a movie from your DVD player and after you have finished watching the movie, you turned your computer and you forgot to eject the DVD tape inside the player.   Then your friend wants to borrow your DVD tape but you forgot to get it the player. So this is the right time to use this trick so will not need to turned on again our computer or laptop just to be able to get your DVD tape.


Open a CD/DVD drive with paperclip

All you need to have is a clip or anything that can be used to insert in the hole on the front of the player on its right side. Follow this link: Open a CD/DVD drive with paperclip for the step by step procedure on to do it.

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