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Testing a Remote Controller Make Easier


I just wanna share a simple and effective way on testing any kind of remote controller if it is still functional. This is for those who don’t know this trick on testing a remote controller.

Remote Controller

These are the two ways on which you can test your remote control:

1.) turn on your radio then tuned it into AM band tune in to low band and press any key to your remote control and you can heard sound like motor booting from your AM radio meaning your remote controller is working.

2.) turn on your cellphone and open the camera put into the Infrared LED of remote control while pressing any key and you will see the LED will response every time you press any of the key from remote controller. You can also use your Digital Cameras on testing your Remote Controller.

To learn more why cameras can see the light emits by the Infrared LED of the remote controller but it is not visible to our eyes, read this article about infrared for more information:

What is infrared light? How does it compare to visible light?

In repairing remote controller, the most common culprit/defective component that I have always encounter is a leaky crystal oscillator.

Leaky Crystal Oscilator

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