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How to Remove ISORT (Sanyo TV)


Have you accidentally pressed Menu + 2 and the result was that an isort appeared in the menu and caused your remote controller to malfunction? Here is the solution you’re looking to solve this kind of problem. I got this solution from Elab Forum shared by one of the master, Mi25, who have also encountered this kind of trouble on his Sanyo TV when he accidentally pressed Menu + 2 instead of Menu + 1 to enter service menu. This solution is based on our country, Philippines.




Enter service mode by pressing menu on TV and #1 on remote simultaneously. We have to change only two entries.


OPT BPL PHILIPPINES correct setting must be 02 not 01
This will removed the isort and language option.



OPT RC must be 02 not 01
This will restore the correct function of the RC

After you have changed all the values needed, exit service mode by pressing menu on TV panel.

It’s now back to original setting.

Back to Normal Operation


all of the photos in this article are all credits to: Mi25 of Elab Forum

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