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Repairing a Deadset Computer Mini ATX Power Supply


One of my co-worker brought his dead power supply. This is a power supply of  a slim type desktop computer. The history of this unit, it is a package from abroad and it is rated as 220 voltage source. He plugged the unit to the outlet and shocked when it sparks and the unit is not turning on. So he brings the unit here in the office for repair.





deadset power supply

Testing a Leaky Capacitor

I checked the unit and I found out that the fuse is blown and one of the filter capacitor in the primary section of the power supply have leak which may cause the fuse to blown. After replacing the defective components, which are the fuse and one of the main filter electrolytic capacitor, we test run the unit but we saw a spark while testing the unit in between the two main filter capacitors.

Defective Capacitor

Location of the Spark Origin which is a busted capacitor

 So I check it immediately, and I found out that the spark came from a busted a high voltage ceramic capacitor. Replacing this component fix the problem and the unit is ok and now ready to be return to the owner.

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