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Repairing AIWA NSX-S505 Mini Component System No Power Problem


In this post, I will share to you an article from the Elab Forum about the Aiwa Mini Component that RoYa16 is repairing. It has a no power problem. Won’t power ON but the tape indicator (play, rewind, Fast-forward) have light indicator even it is not power on. So he troubleshoots the main board but it is ok according to him, then after that he troubleshoots next the front board. In the front board, here he saw shorted electrolytic capacitors going to the LED display (C204 & C205) and he replaces this with a new one but it is still no power.




aiwa nsx-s505 diagram

He tests it without attaching the front board by just the testing it with only the mainboard to isolate the problem. He makes it sound which means the problem doesn’t resides in the power amp section it is in the front board.

With the suggestion of sir danny of checking the hold line if the 5 volts is present or else it is in protect state. This gives an idea to RoYa16 of checking the line of the hold line and found out an open resistor in the hold line.


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