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Repairing A DVD Player (No Display, Lights Only, No Buttons Functions)


Repairing A DVD Player With Corrupted Firmware (No Display Lights Only, No Buttons Functions)

Let me share to you this tutorial about repairing DVD player caused by corrupted firmware. Thanks to Ikasamoko of ELAB forum for sharing his knowledge on this topic.
The DVD is on Half-Dead state, which means the power supply is OK all over the entire circuits, but no Display, Lights Only and No Response on Buttons or Remote Controller.



Main Cause of the Problem :
Most probably caused by Corrupted Firmware of the SPI EEPROM which is mostly EN25T80 chip.


Why do the Firmware or Program become corrupted? One of the main reason is STATIC and the another one is due to poor power supply design or decoupling which reached by the spike and noise directly to the EEPROM.


These are the tools needed to revive the Firmware :

1. USB SPI Programmer
2. USB_SPI_Flasher_by_RBT
3. STK Sunplus Tool Kit 0.2.3 (rev 8203R)



1. READ a FULL BACKUP of the firmware of the DVD using your USB SPI Programmer.
2. Open the firmware with STK Sunplus Tool and this is what you will see:

STK Sunplus Tool


Those 2 RED boxes indicates that your CRC or FILE CHECKSUM is damaged and thats the reason why it won’t work.


3. To correct the checksum simply save the firmware and theĀ  STK Sunplus Tool will correct the firmware automatically..SEE IMAGE

STK Sunplus Tool


4. After saving, WRITE the firmware again to the EN25T80 using the USB SPI Programmer.

5. Test the unit

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