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Repairing A Kebos UPS: Power Problem


Kebos UPSEarly this morning, I’ve got a call from Jollibee ICM regarding to the UPS on one of their POS  because it is not turning on. So I go to there place and checked he unit and I’ve decided to pull out their UPS to it to IT office to check for the possible cause of the problem.

When I arrive in the office, I checked the unit immediately and I’ve found out that the fuse is blown. So I check the circuit board for the possible cause of blowing the fuse. I think there is a short of the circuit which caused the fuse to be blown. I checked the circuit and the components in it for any sign of short circuits and I found this mark in the circuit board, looks like there is spark which make the fuse to blown. The line having the spark in the circuit board is the main power line.

Kebos UPS Problem

By just cleaning the circuit and replacing the blown fuse with the same rating, the unit is now functioning and is ready to return.

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