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Repairing an LCD Monitor That Keeps Blinking


I am having this problem on my LCD monitor that I am using in the office. It takes a couple of minutes before it turned on. It will keeps on blinking until it turned on. Watch this video for the scenario but in this video, it is totally not turning at all.


So I decided to open the LCD Monitor and check the power supply. No one of the electrolytic capacitor becomes bulgy. Then I check the output voltage of the power supply. It seems the output voltages are normal except for the 12 volts line that measures 13 volts which is not normal. I think one of the electrolytic capacitors in the secondary of the power supply has the problem. So I decided to buy all the capacitors that is found on the secondary of the power supply and replace them all with the new capacitors.

Tracing the faulty capacitor maybe dome immediately by using an ESR meter but unfortunately, I don’t have one on the office. I’m still in the process of building this useful tool. The advantage of using an ESR tester in looking for a defective capacitor is that it can be used to test capacitors in-circuit. In this way, we can save our time on desoldering each time we test a capacitor if it is ok or not. So maybe in time I have finished making my ESR tester, I will be posting it here my construction, so stay tune for my update. Have a nice day.

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