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Repairing a Nonfunctional PS2 Keyboard


I have just received this PS2 keyboard from other department for repairs. A defective is one of the most commonly cause of the problems for an undetected PS2 Keyboard problem especially in the office. It doesn’t have any function on all its keys and it is also not detected by the PC. So I checked first the wire for a trace of a broken (putol) wire. Then I found out that the red wire is broken (putol). I get the pin config of the defective wire versus the pin config of my working wire. I did this to get the pin configuration of the two wires because they don’t have the same wire color pin config in the circuit.
Keyboard Pin Config

As you can see in the picture above, those are the data that I get from the two PS2 wires for keyboard. PS2 keyboard uses only four wires in the circuit, one for the power, one for the ground and the remaining two wires are for the data. I replace the defective wire with my functional wire in this order:

Defective Wire – Functional Wire

Green Wire – White Wire

 Yellow Wire  – Red Wire

White Wire – Green Wire

Red Wire – Yellow wire

PS2 Keyboard Final

Then after the replacing procedure with the correct order of replacing the wire, the keyboard is now functional and can be used. I hope you have learn at least some knowledge in repairing PS2 Keyboards.

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