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Repairing a Sharp Component System with er-ap00 Error


Recently, I got this unit from my cousin for repair. It is a Sharp Component System with a model number CD-BA3100H having an er-ap00 Error.

sharp cd-ba3100h er-ap00 error

Before the Repair

I have searched to the internet for some possible solutions for this kind of error but I can’t find any solution regarding in this error. So I try to repair this unit. I have opened it and try to isolate the problem. This unit have two Power Amplifier, I hang up the Power Amp IC one by one, until the error code is gone. So I conclude that the problem resides in the amplifier section so I check next if there are open resistors and I found four open resistors with a value of 100 ohms each.

Sharp mini component defective resistor location


I think this 4 open resistors are the culprit. I replace this resistors and attached again the Power Amp IC and test again. And luckily, the er-ap00 Error Code is now gone even if the Power Amp are in the circuit. Then the unit back to life and the sounds are all good. Ready to return to the owner.

Sharp mini component defective after repair

After the repair

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