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Samsung CRT Monitor Control Lock Always Flashing Problem and Solution


In this article, I wanna share to you our experience in repairing Control Lock Always Flashing Problem. We got this monitor from one of the office in the mall where I am working. It was a Samsung Syncmaster CRT Monitor model  551V with a problem of insufficient width and the menu is always pop up until it shows that it is locked, which looks like the menu switch is pressed for a long period of time.





Samsung Syncmaster 551v

To unlock your menu, you have to press the Menu button for about 30 seconds.

The first thing I did was that I opened the monitor and disconnect the line of the push buttons going to the main board to know if the problem lies on the buttons itself. But after removing the line and tested again the unit, it is still their Control Lock Always Flashing Problem which means, the buttons are OK and the problem is in the board itself.

 push button connector

So we search in the internet hoping that that there is anyone there who share his experience about repairing in this kind problem. Luckily, one of my co technician in our department find the same problem in the website and one of the solution in the comment is to check the 5v regulator IC and replace if necessary. What I did is that I locate the said component and replaced it with the same value scavenged from other unit circuit board. When I test it and it went good, the problem about the Control Lock Always Flashing is gone so I conclude that the culprit is the 5v regulator that supplies the System IC

Solution :

Replace the 5v regulator IC with a part number : IC604


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