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Repairing Samsung Model CT-21Z45ML With 5 Blinks


In this article, this is a problem experience by Jonban, one of the members in Elab Forum, on his Samsung TV that he has repairing. The problem on this unit unit was that it doesn’t turn on and just blinks 5 times and then stop. Upon switching the main power switch, the B+ measures 110 volts and then in this mode, the TV is in standby mode on my conclusion. And by pressing the channel button must turned on the TV but it just blinks 5 times the green led indicator of the unit and the B+ become 160 volts.

Samsung CT21Z45ML

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Action Taken:

Done resoldering all the components on the board.

The Culprit:

The component that is responsible of the trouble in this unit is a shorted zener diode on the 5 volts supply of the tuner on this TV. The value of this zener diode is 5.1volts.

I hope that this article can help us repairing such television that may have this kind of problem in the future make this article just a reference for that kind problem especially on Samsung Television.

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