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Solution For All China Board TV Can’t Receive Any Channel Signal


This is for all China Board TV that can’t receive any channel signal but the tuner is good and you may not need to replace or reprogram your memory IC. All we need to do is to copy the settings on it. If you don’t have the original remote controller of the unit, you can use the Universal Remote Controller

Step 1 :

set your remote to code 006 and press the 2 three times and the adjust menu will pop up.



Step 2 :

If the menu settings appear, set the code of the remote to 057 and press the mute button and look for the menu 3 and just do setup select so that all of the menus will appear.

Step 3 :

Copy all the settings that you can see in the pictures.

China TV 2China TV 1China TV 3

China TV 4China TV 5China TV 6

China TV 7China TV 8China TV 9

China TV 10China TV 11China TV 12

China TV 13China TV 14China TV 15

China TV 16China TV 17China TV 18

China TV 19China TV 20China TV 21

China TV 22

Step 4:

If you have finished copying, return to 006 and press 2 two times until the factory disappear and return again to the code 057.

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