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Symptoms of Some Most Common Display Problems of CRT TV and CRT Monitors


common deflection problems


These are the common display or deflection problem that you can encounter when troubleshooting a CRT TV and Monitors. You can print this image to serves as your reference when you are repairing a deflection or display problems of a CRT TV and Monitors. For beginners who are new in this field, they don’t know how it looks like a Pincushion or Keystone Distortion problem, that is the reason why they have difficulty in looking the fix on this kind of problem.

Single Horizontal Line

When you encountering a problem like this, all you have to do is to check the Vertical Section. This is usually caused by a loose or cold solder of the vertical IC or any components in the vertical section, a leaky capacitor, open resistor or no power.

Single Vertical Line

When you encountering a problem like this, you have to check the horizontal section. On my experience with this kind of problem, I got problem like this on a TV unit having a loose or cold solder on the pin going to the horizontal deflection yoke. This problem is rare to see because when there is no horizontal deflection activity, it won’t make a display.

Pincushion Distortion

We can find this problem usually to the old model of Sony TV and other TV and monitors having a problem on the pincushion circuits. This is usually a problematic capacitor causing this type of problem. On Sony TV, you can easily find their pincushion circuit, you have find first the JRC4558 which serves as its Pin Amp and the components around it are part of the pincushion circuit.

Keystone Distortion

The cause of this kind of problem is usually a corroded deflection yoke. I have experience this kind of problem on a Samsung TV that I am repairing. I’m glad that it don’t destroy the H-output.

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