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Pisonet DIY: Basic Wiring Setup How to/Tutorial [Tagalog]

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Pisonet DIY: Basic Wiring Setup How to/Tutorial [Tagalog]Pisonet DIY: Basic Wiring Setup Howto/Tutorial [Tagalog] You can use this video as a reference when you are building own Pisonet Internet Business in your place.

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Assembling a Pisonet Box (Sample Pictures)

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Assembling a Pisonet Box (Sample Pictures) Building own Pisonet with pictures to be used as guide and inspiration in building your very own Pisonet Unit. Bill Of Materials Used in the Assembly : 1 set pc - 12000 1 pc flywood - 870 timer - 250 coinslot - 180 paint and wirings - 500 speakers - 450 locks (mga kandado)- 300 glass - 120   And for the Prices and Specs for the Computer : Hdd Internal: wd 500GB (SATA 6Gb/s) PHP 2750.00 Memory: corsair vengeance... [ Continue reading... ]


PISONET Wiring Diagram

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PISONET Wiring Diagram   Here is diagram of the wiring of a Piso Net, which is popular here in the Philippines by using a PC with a Timer and Coin Slot to operate an Internet Cafe even without supervision because it is made to operate automatically. The main issue here is what signal or power source that you will cut to switch it using a relay. Some users are freezing the keyboard and mouse while other cut the signal or power line of the... [ Continue reading... ]

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