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Solution For All China Board TV Can’t Receive Any Channel Signal

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Solution For All China Board TV Can’t Receive Any Channel SignalThis is for all China Board TV that can't receive any channel signal but the tuner is good and you may not need to replace or reprogram your memory IC. All we need to do is to copy the settings on it. If you don't have the original remote controller of the unit, you can use the Universal Remote Controller Step 1 : set your remote to code 006 and press the 2 three times and the adjust menu will pop up.     Step 2 : If... [ Continue reading... ]


Testing a Remote Controller Make Easier

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Testing a Remote Controller Make EasierI just wanna share a simple and effective way on testing any kind of remote controller if it is still functional. This is for those who don't know this trick on testing a remote controller. These are the two ways on which you can test your remote control: 1.) turn on your radio then tuned it into AM band tune in to low band and press any key to your remote control and you can heard sound like motor booting from your AM radio meaning your... [ Continue reading... ]

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