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Basic CRT TV Parts And Sections in the Board


In this post, I will show you the Basic Parts And Sections in the Board of a CRT Television Set. You will learn the functions of each sections in a television set.


Here are the List of the Parts and Sections of a CRT Television set :

1] Speaker
2] Yoke
3] Video Amplifier
4] CRT Socket
5] High Voltage Section
6] Bridge Diode
7] Regulator
8] Audio Amp [green square] Audio Section
9] Tuner
10] Flyback
11] Chopper
12] EEPROM [ Memory IC]
13] Vertical
14] Horizontal

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  1. Raheem says:

    Thanks for very much for the insight, it is very enlightening. In the introduction you hinted that you were also going to give the functions, we only saw the list so please could you give functions of each section? Thank you very much.


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