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Basic CRT TV Parts And Sections in the Board

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Basic CRT TV Parts And Sections in the BoardIn this post, I will show you the Basic Parts And Sections in the Board of a CRT Television Set. You will learn the functions of each sections in a television set. Here are the List of the Parts and Sections of a CRT Television set : 1] Speaker 2] Yoke 3] Video Amplifier 4] CRT Socket 5] High Voltage Section 6] Bridge Diode 7] Regulator 8] Audio Amp [green square] Audio Section 9] Tuner 10] Flyback 11] Chopper 12] EEPROM [ Memory IC] 13]... [ Continue reading... ]


Solution For All China Board TV Can’t Receive Any Channel Signal

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Solution For All China Board TV Can’t Receive Any Channel Signal Ronelex Electronics Repair/China Board TV Signal Problem This is for all China Board TV that can't receive any channel signal but the tuner is good and you may not need to replace or reprogram your memory IC. All we need to do is to copy the settings on it. If you don't have the original remote controller of the unit, you can use the Universal Remote Controller Step 1 : set your remote to code 006 and press the 2 three times and the adjust... [ Continue reading... ]


Repairing A34JXV70X NEC TV With Picture Problem

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Repairing A34JXV70X NEC TV With Picture ProblemI got this post from a Gsmsandwich forum posted by jesse_25 so all credits goes to him I'm just sharing it here in the site for reference if ever we encounter this kind of problem. History of the unit : The owner of the tried to clean his unit but after the cleaning, when he turned on the unit, the problem arouse.         So the owner brought the unit to jesse_25 for repair and what he saw when he... [ Continue reading... ]


Basics in TV Repair Guide

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Basics in TV Repair GuideHere are some of the useful information that we must know if we want to learn about TV Repair, but before this, you must also have the knowledge about the electronics components and the symbols that we see when dealing a schematic diagrams and printed on the circuit boards. You must learn the basic functions of the Resistors, Diodes and other semiconductor components that are available on electronics circuits. For more information about the... [ Continue reading... ]


Symptoms of Some Most Common Display Problems of CRT TV and CRT Monitors

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Symptoms of Some Most Common Display Problems of CRT TV and CRT Monitors   These are the common display or deflection problem that you can encounter when troubleshooting a CRT TV and Monitors. You can print this image to serves as your reference when you are repairing a deflection or display problems of a CRT TV and Monitors. For beginners who are new in this field, they don't know how it looks like a Pincushion or Keystone Distortion problem, that is the reason why they have difficulty in looking the fix... [ Continue reading... ]


Sony TV model KV-21TSR1 with Arcing and No Raster Problem

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Sony TV model KV-21TSR1 with Arcing and No Raster ProblemI am having a home service to a Sony TV model KV-21TSR1 with a complain of having a loud noise coming inside the unit that looks like the tube is going to break. I suspect that the FBT (flyback transformer) is the main cause of the problem for having a leak maybe on its high voltage so I opened the unit and checked immediately the FBT and then I found out that it has a cracked on the body of the FBT. So I take out the FBT from the board by... [ Continue reading... ]


How to Remove ISORT (Sanyo TV)

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How to Remove ISORT (Sanyo TV)Have you accidentally pressed Menu + 2 and the result was that an isort appeared in the menu and caused your remote controller to malfunction? Here is the solution you're looking to solve this kind of problem. I got this solution from Elab Forum shared by one of the master, Mi25, who have also encountered this kind of trouble on his Sanyo TV when he accidentally pressed Menu + 2 instead of Menu + 1 to enter service menu. This solution is... [ Continue reading... ]


TV Basic Repair Guide: Common Problems

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TV Basic Repair Guide: Common ProblemsThis post is for those who want to know the common problems that we will encounter in repairing Television set. I will be posting some common problems and their possible solution and tricks to repair this problem.               CRT-TV-Circuit-Board (Made In China Universal Board) DEFECT: Single Vertical Line In The Center POSSIBLE HINTS :  1.) Check first the vertical IC. Some... [ Continue reading... ]

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