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PISONET Wiring Diagram

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PISONET Wiring Diagram   Here is diagram of the wiring of a Piso Net, which is popular here in the Philippines by using a PC with a Timer and Coin Slot to operate an Internet Cafe even without supervision because it is made to operate automatically. The main issue here is what signal or power source that you will cut to switch it using a relay. Some users are freezing the keyboard and mouse while other cut the signal or power line of the... [ Continue reading... ]


The New Look of the Philippines One Piso Coin

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The New Look of the Philippines One Piso CoinThe first time I saw this coin, I can't believe that this is a one Piso coin. It looks like a token that is used in playing games on World of Fun (WOF). I think, if you will used it to pay for your fair on a jeep, I bet they will say that it can be accepted because we know that it is not looks like the one piso we are using right now. :)           This new one piso coin is for the commemorate Rizal's... [ Continue reading... ]


Alturas 25th Drum & Bugle Showdown 2012

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Alturas 25th Drum & Bugle Showdown 2012The Alturas 25th Drum and Bugle Showdown that was held yesterday, November 25,2012 with the Kapuso Stars, Mark Herras and Kris Lawrence which is hosted by: YURI of GMA-7 Cebu.               Here are the list of the winning team of the said competition: Category A: 1st - Davao 2nd - BISU 3rd -┬áDimiao Category B: 1st - Loon 2nd - Clarin 3rd - Trinidad Special Awards... [ Continue reading... ]

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