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Maintenance of Sanwa YX-360TR Plus SCHEMATIC Diagram


For those who are looking for a copy of the schematic diagram on this type of Analog Multitester and  other brand using the same circuit diagram, you can download the schematic diagram in here. credits to Deantyne


credits also to: Deantyne

For more information about this topic, you can visit Elab Forum for the discussion about this kind of Analog Multitester and troubleshooting.



Posted by Ronelex 12 Responses

12 Responses to “Maintenance of Sanwa YX-360TR Plus SCHEMATIC Diagram”

  1. joselito says:

    give me the resistor value of sanwa tester yx360tr

  2. Isaias Pinzòn Schneider says:

    Señores: Los felicito por su instructiva pàgina. Tengo un tester de este modelo con algunas resistencias quemadas. Me ayudarìan notablemente, si pudiesen enviarme, los valores de acuerdo al diagrama.
    Agradezco su atenciòn.

  3. Leord R. Benedicto says:

    YX-360TRe model is strong.

  4. Farid serajian says:

    Please send me the size or value of diod,thanks alot

  5. Muhammad munawar says:

    Please send me the components value of anolog multi meter YX-360TRA /H.
    (All resisters )

  6. Thusi says:


  7. Thusi says:

    What is the value R10,R11
    Plese tell me

  8. Mani says:

    A doubt. Sunwa YX 3600 TREB is as one as YX 360 TR. Is it true one? Please clear my doubt.

  9. Sephtenus Budijanto says:

    Dear Sir
    I need schematic diagram Sanwa EM800

    Thank you

  10. Bosco Fernandes says:

    Sir can u please send me Resistor value of resistors and B1 is how many volts and B2 is how many volts. Thanks a lot.


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