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PCB Etching Using Laser Printout


Do you want to make a PCB Layout that is the same result with Presentisized PCB only using an ordinary PCB. I found this tutorial in Elab Forum shared by sp0c0, one of the member on the forum. Lets follow this simple steps on how to achieve making your professional look PCB layout:

1. Prepare all the materials needed. Your ready made PCB Layout Design printed on page of magazine paper using Kyocera printer (toner type), PCB Board, electric iron,

Materials Needed in Making PCB Layout

2. Place the copper side of the PCB above the design and fix it using an electrical tape to ensure that it won’t move.

PCB Layout on the PCB Board

3. Heat the design using an electric iron.

Apply the hot electric iron

Using Flat iron

4. Soak the PCB in water for four (4) hours.

Soak the board in water

5. After four hours, take the PCB out of the water and gently rub your fingers on the PCB until the paper is completely removed and what remains is the PCB design.

tear the paper

6. After having your PCB design, soak it on a Ferric chloride for about 30 minutes or until the copper wears out.


7. After soaking it on the Ferric chloride, wash it with water and remove the toner using cotton and lacquer thinner.

After the Etching process

8. Finished product.


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