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Repairing a No Display POS Computer


Today, I am repairing a POS unit which is used on the transaction on the sale in the Mall I am working.

Wincor Nixdorf POS Computer


The problem of this unit is that having a No Display Problem. I checked the unit and found out that there are a lot of electrolytic capacitors that get bulgy on its top which is a sign that it is defective. So I take out from the circuits those two big electrolytic capacitors for checking. You can also replaced directly all electrolytic capacitors that are bulging cause this also a sign that is bad and needs to be replaced.

defective capacitor found in motherboard


Defective electrolytic capacitor


As shown in the picture above, that two eletrolytic capacitors looks bulgy are the main cause of this unit for having a no display problem. Capacitors are one of the most easily get bad especially on this unit when the fan of the power supply stop functioning which causes an excessive heat inside the unit that causes the capacitors to be stress due to the extreme heat generated by the power supply. Replacing directly with the new one the defective capacitors makes the unit to be working again.

After replacing the defective capacitor

After replacing the defective capacitors and test it, the unit is now back to normal and the display is now appearing and ready to be return.

POS Motherboard

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