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Repairing a LCD Monitor with Magenta Color Problem (Dell S1709WC)


Early this morning, our office supervisor turned on his unit but we are surprised because the display turned Magenta in color. He left his unit yesterday fully functional and now, a problem occurs. We thought the problem is on the VGA Cable so we replace it with a new one but the problem still exists. Then we try other PC unit to test the monitor but still show magenta color problem.





Dell LCD Monitor Magenta Color Problem

So we decided to open to reset all the connectors, but still no luck, the problem still exist. Then I try to search in the internet and found in one article that talks about the bug in MCE of Dell. So we decided to reset the color settings to its default and that fix the problem on the monitor and it is now working properly. We have also another Dell LCD Monitor with the same problem and we try the solution that we did to the other one.

I hope this article can help us when we will be having this kind of problem. The lesson that we have learned, reset first all the settings to its default before doing a deep troubleshooting on your problematic unit.

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    How to repair no power on tv .


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