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Repairing LG CRT Monitor With No Display Problem




I have receive this LG Studioworks 505G Monitor with a  for repair here in our IT Office from a complain of  no display but the standby light lit green which mean that the signal from a  computer have reach the monitor but  it don’t show some display. Even if I unplugged the LG monitor from the computer, it still don’t show a display on its screensaver.

The case history of this unit was that its color turns yellow which means it has a problem on its CRT Board, there maybe a loose contacts and cold solders which needs to be resoldered. Then what they do when it changes its color abnormally like having a yellowish picture on the display, they just knocked the monitor to make it back on its normal display. Until one day, it don’t show any display on the monitor so they have decided to have it for repair.

Then after I receive the LG Monitor, I opened it and the first thing that is on my mind was that to swap the CRT board. It is only recommended if you extra part in your workplace but for me, I have lot of this part cause it is the some of the monitor brand we are using here in the company. I just get some my stored CRT board on this brand and model and replace my suspected CRT board and have a test. And viola, the diplay came out which proves that my suspected CRT board have the culprit. I just leave intact in the monitor the CRT board I replace and the board that have the problem was on my hand and I will have some check on it.

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3 Responses to “Repairing LG CRT Monitor With No Display Problem”

  1. kassaw says:

    tv maintenance book

  2. Lokesh Sahu says:

    My LG monitor have same problem
    How can I repair it

  3. Kulwinder Rana says:

    Facing same issue please help


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