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PCB Etching Using Laser Printout

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PCB Etching Using Laser PrintoutDo you want to make a PCB Layout that is the same result with Presentisized PCB only using an ordinary PCB. I found this tutorial in Elab Forum shared by sp0c0, one of the member on the forum. Lets follow this simple steps on how to achieve making your professional look PCB layout: 1. Prepare all the materials needed. Your ready made PCB Layout Design printed on page of magazine paper using Kyocera printer (toner type), PCB Board, electric... [ Continue reading... ]


Maintenance of Sanwa YX-360TR Plus SCHEMATIC Diagram

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Maintenance of Sanwa YX-360TR Plus SCHEMATIC DiagramFor those who are looking for a copy of the schematic diagram on this type of Analog Multitester and  other brand using the same circuit diagram, you can download the schematic diagram in here. credits to Deantyne [caption id="attachment_135" align="aligncenter" width="500"] credits also to: Deantyne[/caption] For more information about this topic, you can visit Elab Forum for the discussion about this kind of Analog Multitester and... [ Continue reading... ]


PISONET Wiring Diagram

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PISONET Wiring Diagram   Here is diagram of the wiring of a Piso Net, which is popular here in the Philippines by using a PC with a Timer and Coin Slot to operate an Internet Cafe even without supervision because it is made to operate automatically. The main issue here is what signal or power source that you will cut to switch it using a relay. Some users are freezing the keyboard and mouse while other cut the signal or power line of the... [ Continue reading... ]


Build Your Own Automatic Car Battery Charger

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Build Your Own Automatic Car Battery ChargerThis is a project for those who want to build their very own  Automatic Battery Charger. This is a project made by one of  the member of  Elab Forum, duc_tech. But as a reminder, this circuit don't have a current limiter which means this charger is good to use only on a known good battery but not on a battery that have defects like having a short or open plates which will cause the diodes, switching Thyristor and transformer to heat easily.... [ Continue reading... ]


LCD Start Up Circuit

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LCD Start Up CircuitThis is an example how an LCD Start Up Circuit looks like. It shows the flow of the supply which switched on the circuit. This is only a very simple example and other start up circuit may looks more complicated than this one. We can make this image as a guide to give us an idea on how do a start up circuit of an LCD may looks like and how does it function. In this way, we now have the idea of the switching circuit of most LCD Monitor and all we... [ Continue reading... ]


Making A Transformerless Power Supply

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Making A Transformerless Power SupplyUpon surfing the net, I have found this site: displaying their projects on making a Transformerless Power Supply with a 12 volts output voltage and a current of 100mA. We usually see this kind of power supply on a China made model of rechargeable products like flashlights and mosquito killer. This circuit catches my attention because of its application in our work which needs a power supply and we can also use... [ Continue reading... ]

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