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Trinium LCD TV 19″ Dead Set Problem

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Trinium LCD TV 19″ Dead Set ProblemProblem : Trinium LCD TV 19" Dead Set Problem Power Supply is working fine. The Culprit : Defective 5v LDO Voltage regulator and I replaced it with 7805 V-Regulator. Leak and open Ceramic cap... [ Continue reading... ]


Repairing A DEVANT LCD TV Auto Shut Off Problem

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Repairing A DEVANT LCD TV Auto Shut Off Problem   DEVANT LCD TV Model: 26DL29 Trouble : If you turned on the main switch, the red pilot light will light up and then the blue light but then shut off. All the power supply in the output of the chopper transformer are all gone after it shut off. THis kind of trouble is commonly caused by the electrolytic capacitors in the power section.   Culprit: A leaky Electrolytic Capacitor with a part number of C849 with a value... [ Continue reading... ]


Testing Electrolytic Capacitor

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Testing Electrolytic Capacitor The best way of testing a capacitor will depends to the type of capacitor you are going to test. Electrolytic capacitors that are leaky are not so common. You can take each capacitor out on the circuit and test it using a cap checker or using your VOM, but in-circuit testing of the capacitor is quicker and save a lot of time. Do a visual observation and inspection to the capacitor and see if there are any electrolytic capacitor are bulging... [ Continue reading... ]

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