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Trinium LCD TV 19″ Dead Set Problem


trinium lcd tvProblem :

Trinium LCD TV 19″ Dead Set Problem

Power Supply is working fine.

The Culprit :
Defective 5v LDO Voltage regulator and I replaced it with 7805 V-Regulator.
Leak and open Ceramic cap chips.

Defective parts

Posted by Ronelex 3 Responses

3 Responses to “Trinium LCD TV 19″ Dead Set Problem”

  1. pls help me to find a universal remote code for trinium LCD t.v

  2. or maybe u can recommend to me a brand of universal remote for e trinium t.v coz its difficult to find

  3. Nelson Caliwag says:

    Please help me to fix my trinium tv… tv screen does not follow manual and remote control.
    Thank you.


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