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TV Basic Repair Guide: Common Problems


This post is for those who want to know the common problems that we will encounter in repairing Television set. I will be posting some common problems and their possible solution and tricks to repair this problem.










(Made In China Universal Board)

DEFECT: Single Vertical Line In The Center


1.) Check first the vertical IC. Some Vertical IC’s may have loose contacts on solder joints on its legs because of the heat and cold condition on its operation.

2.) Check the supply voltage if present in the main vertical section, sometimes 24 volts from the flyback and other supplied by 24v and -24v plus ground.

3.) If the supply voltage is missing, check the line from flyback having 18-24 volts, possible culprit is an open fusible resistor.

4.) Defective yoke, maybe there is a broken or burn part of the coil inside it.

4.) If the supply voltage is present, possible problem is that the Vertical IC is defective or the Vertical Sync coming from the Jungle IC, better to check also the jungle IC in this situation.



1.) Defective yoke, maybe there is a broken or burn part of the coil inside it.

2.) Loose contact connection on one of the legs of the yoke on the main board.

3.) Defective non electrolytic capacitor.



1.) check first your speakers, it is usually the most common culprit after repairing a television with power supply problem based on my repair experience.

2.) Check if the supply voltage for audio ampifier is present, if not check the line.

3.) If the supply voltage is present, try doing a hum test by touching the input of the audio IC, refer to the datasheet to find the input pin of the IC. Replace the audio IC if everything is done.



1.) Check first the power cord.

2.) If the power cord is ok, check the fuse
( note the fuse is burnt, don’t replace it right away. Check first the circuit if their is a short on the circuit specially on the primary power section, check all the diodes surrounding the main power IC)

3.) If their is no shorted diode and no short on main IC, now check the Horizontal Output if it is busted or shorted.


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396 Responses to “TV Basic Repair Guide: Common Problems”

  1. CLYDE THUKU says:

    Am grateful your blog is really educative i had serious problems troubleshooting CRT TVs but now i got more light in troubleshooting. I would love to learn more from you.
    Thank you.
    Clyde Thuku

  2. lhendup says:

    I want to learn how to repair television which was brunt out by the lightning strike mostly.

  3. VICTOR says:


  4. Deirdre says:

    Hi my tv pic went small. I used to hit it rite but that doesnt work anymore. My tv is a telefunken and about 5 years old. Its not a LCD.
    please help

  5. Deirdre says:

    Hi my tv pic went small. Its just a line across the screen. I used to hit it rite but that doesnt work anymore. My tv is a telefunken and about 5 years old. Its not a LCD.
    please help

    • Frank says:

      Hello Deirdre
      it seems your problem has to do with the vertical section try to resolder the vertical Ic and some components arround it if it doesnt work replace the Ic.

  6. sunil sahu says:

    lg ultra slim no ht

  7. mario says:

    thx,, your blog is very useful..

  8. mario says:

    my tv is a china made. there is a sound but no picture. there is no raster. please help.

  9. Prince Mulo says:

    When i power on my tv,it takes long period of time to bring on a picture.What is the problem?

  10. Alfie says:

    Hi, every time we turn on our TV the display keeps going on and off… what could be the possible cause for this.. it displays images for 2-3 seconds then the display turns black and back again.

  11. ivan says:

    i realy apreciate u guyz 4 the workdone it realy helped. Thanks by the way


    hi i have a problem regarding my LG CRT 20″ TV,,,sound is good but the picture is dancing and there’s a many small waves horizontally at the whole screen.
    Please help me, do you have any idea regarding this problem?

    • madhav says:

      try to check/or replace tunner ,check supply,if not solve try to change crt base socket…sometime capacitor of video section responsible for that prob..and look at system ic/procesor it may be drysold resold it..

      • shiva says:

        Dear Friends, I have LG FLATRON CRT TV, the picture is rolling down. what to do ? its not standing center, its going down. I changed some e-capacitors, but no use. If i change the Vertical IC, the problem will solve? or what to do? Thanks to all in advance…….. The problem is crt tv vertical sync lost, please help me….

  13. Emmanuel Owori says:

    Hullo, Thanks so much for the blog. Your post is so educative I appreciate it has tossed me several levels ahead in TV repair, please keep it up.

  14. alex says:

    Thanks God bless you

  15. Joseph says:

    thanks alot for educating us in this blog.
    my Tv set that uses a china made universal board has a problem that i have been unable to trouble shoot.after switching it on,it gives a bright light but with no pictures.then pictures starts becoming clearer after 3 kindly requesting for your assistance.thank you.

  16. Sennie Kwaw says:

    Your effort is really appreciated. Anyway, i encourage you to give more hints to a particular problem.

  17. Hsaedd says:

    Thanks for article


    hi i have a problem regarding my LG CRT 20″ TV,,,sound is good but the picture is dancing and there’s a many small waves horizontally at the whole screen.
    Please help me, do you have any idea regarding this problem?

  19. ramon alipe says:

    if no picture out and no sound what section are repair.

  20. Obert says:

    I need to be very good in tv repairs.i have a crt chinese not showing full screen as if it is zoomed. And another which display good but anytime the full screen gets small and too large the pictures not stable

  21. SKYRACE says:

    Sir am so happy for what you posted on us about comon crt tv solution thank u sir,sir pls do u also repair cd and dvd player?

  22. Lady VEe_oO says:

    hi there

    I’m sitting with a very old crt tv, it just won’t come on. I’ve read what you posted on that but is there maybe any other reasons or solutions if it still doesn’t come on.

    • ronelex says:

      Its better to let it check by a certified technician, doing it on your own without the right knowledge is hazardous. TV is so dangerous to repair specially if you don’t have the right knowledge

  23. John friday says:

    Kudos! I love this, it is educative indeed.

  24. amitav says:

    what is the range of zaner diode used for filament heating purpose in samsung tv.

  25. Satti says:

    Sir…i have lg crt and having problem of no audio.While switching on’ hiss’ sound is coming, after that it go’s totally duff.Pls help…….Thanking u in anticipation

  26. Shree Krishna Bhatta says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have LG 21 CRT and having problem of white horizontal line about 3/4 mm on the top of screen. other everything ok. from these lines picture seems became cartoon faced. the line appears on 2cm below from top. please help.
    Shree Krishna

  27. samoeun says:

    i want to know tv china,how to repair it

  28. Sir plzzzz help,
    My CRT TV Samsung(CS21A551ML/YEAR 2011) have half screen problem.
    The problem is that only bottom size works well but top half size goes black with green,blue and red thin lines appearing on top side.
    This problem occurred in last year for few times,the problem fixed automatically after few minutes without touching a tv.But from last 3-4 days problem again occurs but are still there,,,,,i open my tv set to check whether their is any loose connection but don,t find any loose connection!

    Sir what may be the problem plz help!

    • ronelex says:

      The problem lies on the vertical section of the TV circuit, try to locate it and check for some cold solder and resolder it and check all the capacitors in that section maybe one of them is open or leaky.

  29. carl winter says:



    • ronelex says:

      Try checking the capacitors on the power section if their is one them open or leak.

      • paul says:

        Sir papano poh ba magtroobshoot sa crt 21 samsung tv kung ang horizotal line in the center of the screen?

        • ronelex says:

          yung verical section na ang sira nyan, Check mo kung may supply na pumasok sa vertical IC, check mo rin yung mga capacitor sa vertical section if ok lahat maybe the Vertical IC is the defective

  30. Waqar Azim says:

    Dear Ronelex, your thread is very helpful regarding the TV issues. Your efforts are appreciated.

    I have National GL TV. When I want to Turn it ON whether by remote or it’s ON OFF switch it does not turns ON. I have to try more than ten times and then it picks power and turns ON.

    Please help me in this regard that which device is responsible for it.

    Thanks in advance.

  31. uttam says:

    Hi, every time we turn on our TV the display keeps going on and off… what could be the possible cause for this.. it displays images for 2-3 seconds then the display turns black and back again.

  32. uttam says:

    Hi,i have onida crt is running good no problem but every time we turn on our TV the power keeps going on and off… what could be the possible cause for this.. it displays images for 2-3 seconds then the display turns black and back again.

  33. Waqar Azim says:

    Thank you for the reply.

  34. Waqar Azim says:

    Thank you for the reply in advance. Eagerly waiting for your response regarding my query.

  35. Tokenkomani says:

    Im very happy now what is a capaciter

  36. Abuyi Majidi says:

    Am greatful to ‘ve got this site! I think it will help me so much. But i would ask if other home Applied Electronics like DVD Players, Amplifiers, Speakers, portable Home Radios, etc could provided clearly stated their Problems and Solutions for each fault, and The Parts of the Devices with all their Functions. I will be the most happy to have Complete Information about DOMESTIC ELECTRONICS PROBLEMS/SOLUTIONS: thanks

  37. Tom says:

    My Symphonic WF24T5 23″ T.v’s screen is all whitish grashish color with vertical lines going up, and down the screen, until the screen turns off 3 to 5 seconds later every time I turn it on, please help.

  38. mani says:

    universal tv service mode how to open

  39. shark84 says:

    What to do when fuse alwAys blowout when u power on the tv is pensonic flat screen .. Need reply asap plsss…

  40. Md. Tariqul Islam says:

    What is jungle ic ?
    why we used in tv?
    if my colour television did not show no colour.just show that black and white scene. then what I can I do ? what’s the major problem my TV? how I can solved it’s ? please please give me answer.

  41. Md. Tariqul Islam says:

    What is jungle ic ?
    why we used in tv?
    if my colour television did not show no colour.just show that black and white scene. then what can I do ? what’s the major problem my TV? how I can solved it’s ? please please give me answer.

  42. Charles says:

    Thanks.. horizontal problem solved. Just a loose contact solded and problem solved.

    • ronelex says:

      wow, good to hear, that is the number 1 thing I do when I’m repairing, resolder first all the cold solder coz that the one of the common problem especially if that unit is new.

  43. rodel says:

    hi sir,,tnx for your big help..i hav 110v JVC crt tv,,my son accidentally plug it to 220v whats the common problem for has no power at all.. the fuse is ok…plss, help me..tnx alot…

  44. rodel says:

    hi sir,,tnx for your big help..i hav 110v JVC crt tv,,my son accidentally plug it to 220v whats the common problem for has no power at all.. the fuse is ok…plss, help me..tnx alot…sir email mo naman ako plsss

    • ISAAC says:

      Since the fuse is ok first check for burnt of open power resistors if all checked ok then change the main power IC, REGULATOR of TRANSISTOR, they are always attached to the heatsink at the primary of the power supply.

  45. biruk says:

    thank you

  46. dawit says:

    go for it!

  47. ramchandra patil says:

    I m ramchandra patil, i m used china kit which is used ic hay 22 8873csng6pr6. Eht ok, no picture, no sound. 5 volt,8 volt is ok. Pls give me solution tips. Thanking u

  48. Vishwadhar Anandmath says:

    Nice job sir

  49. Clickbirth says:

    Hi, Why vertical IC (STV9326) of LG CRT TV brunt out frequently. It lasts for about 5 to 8 hours but sometimes last for about 2 weeks. thanks

    • isaac says:

      Check for good and stable dc output voltage from power supply there may be too high voltage and try change all capacitors on the vertical section

  50. Santosh says:

    I have Sansui 21 Furatio Colour CRT TV. Problem is : very light black white screen images coming with white horizontal lines. Audio is as usual very good. Like watching TV with close eyes. When I brought this good functioning TV from India to UAE by shipment in 2011, problem arose in UAE, since then lying useless. Please guide how it can be repaired ( economically viable)
    thanking you

  51. marlon gente says:

    Good day,

    Thank you so much for this blog…

  52. zaldy auditor says:

    how can i repair my samsung tv the horizontal outpot is born

    • ronelex says:

      try to check the Yoke if there is a corrosion on the side of the yoke that touches the neck and the other possibility is the flyback, try to test it using a flyback tester

  53. Dilli Ganesh says:

    Hello sir,

    I am facing problem in CRT LG TV . when I Switch ON my TV Power LED Get’s ON within 2s second it gets OFF immediately,that time NO Picture in Screen.. Pls share Solution of Problem

  54. javed says:

    i have china tv black screen power light bliking please help

    • isaac says:

      Change all electrolytic capacitors at the horizontal stage easpecialy the one with the rating 160v 100uf/160v 2200uf

  55. javed says:

    i change it and worked

  56. Lito George says:

    sir yong china tv ko may vertical line lang at the center, I changed the vertical ic at lumabas na yong picture, the problem sir is sa magkabilang side may na-iwan na black side around 2″,
    meaning hindi nag expand yong horizontal ? sa horizontal section po kaya ang problem, can you help me fix the problem

  57. Mahesh says:

    hi problem is….
    only upper half picture is showing in my tv..
    and lower half portion is blank..
    please tell me suggestion.

  58. Richard says:

    My lg flatron 1200 xd tv is giving me current at the av output what could be the problem

  59. irfankhan says:

    lg tv only retras line scren work ok

  60. Martin says:

    Hi, I have with Akira 54cm Crt. Power does not reach the main capacitor, I have checked all rectify diodes one by one including the chopper resistor but they are all okay. Please help

  61. Eric s tamba says:

    My Comment is that i eric tamba form liberia really went to know more about electronics am now doing this job in my country I need help form anly one who can me around the wor i need to be more knolgeble on this field.please cell # 0886599863 or on facebook eric tamba I needs help please.

  62. Srinivasan says:

    36cm crt tv in that fuse was burnt out i checked that two diodes where short and then c4458 transistor also short then i replaced all these things then the tv went on and worked for 1 day then again fuse burnt out, and one diode went short i replaced all these again then the tv went on and it stands only for 5 mins it went off ie fuse burnt ou plz waiting for your solution

  63. Abuyi moses says:

    Am in a collage for my 2yrs DIP in Electrical and Electronics Engi. I would like to open my own tv/ and optical disc players Repair shop after my 2nd yr, but i have no place where i can do apprentership! there by making me to lack courage. What do I do Sir? Pls help me out. Thanks in Advance.

  64. Alexies khanda says:

    Open the set and look for a single cord wc goes strait to the screen .if u put it on the right place ,video will be there on the screen

  65. Mr Oliver Tshuma says:

    I have a 21inch NU TEC colour tv Model 231, no ht good b+voltage

  66. moiz says:

    There is a problem in my L.G Tv ultra slip the picture become enlarge . the upper and lower part of a picture cut . please help me out ….

  67. im a beginner and im greatful that with this blong article im able to repair televisions

  68. Shivakumar says:

    Hello I have a lg crt tv few months ago I had vertical blue lines appear on the screen and I had changed the vertical IC named as STV 9302B into STV 9302A but in there is same problem what can I do next

  69. CESAR says:

    I have samsung tv which does not turn on….after a storm…fuse is good
    I will greatly aprcite any help provided

  70. Slim Khan says:

    Hi I am having a very old sony television (Wooden cabinet). The color (when set to normal or even when set manually) does not come good. Faces in the images come blackish as if someone has reduced the brightness to zero. The color is also very dark and reddish in nature. I tried playing with the color and brightness settings of the television, but no improvement. Please help

  71. kuma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have problem with my Samsung 21″ CRT TV. When it’s switch on, power light blinking and no audio and video.

    Can you help me to slow this problem?

    Thank you,

  72. i have purchased 3 china tv kit ic used 8873.when i put in a tv the picture is normal,but the sound is distortion in many channels.and i have changed the saw filter 38.9mhz,the sound quality is slightly improoved,but not a perfect.even the other kits also, what i want to do, thank u.

  73. sir, sansui ultra slim ic tda11105ps/v3/3/ah6,some times distrabul sound sometimes ok, where is problem ,

  74. Shree Krishna Bhatta says:


    Actually i have a problem with LG CRT flat TV (21fx4age-th) which got no sound. the sound IC is ok but no sound. help me to solve this

  75. simeon phiri says:

    Am glad to learn a lot from this tips

  76. divya says:

    i am facing problem in LG crt tv. my LG crt TV takes many hours to start? this time is incresing dy by day?pls help me.

  77. Femi Atitebi says:

    I need pewor pack, picture board an screen for sony tv

  78. japhet says:

    ronelex pa tulong po, saan po mka bili ngayun ng pyesa, kagaya ng fusible resitor. wla kc supply dito sa ozamiz

  79. japhet says:

    ronelex, bigla lng po mag off yung samsung tv nmin hndi po LCD TV. kpag e ON ko po mga 3seconds tigok nnman cya ano po ba ang problema nito? fusible resistor?

  80. john says:

    i will lyk to learn more on how to repair tv.

  81. soubiraj says:

    Hi..need help for a universal crt tv main board….am having problem with the image…it is as if dancing..thats is the words and can find lines moving up the screen…..any help anyone
    .tnks in anticipation.

  82. innocent says:

    I really like this blog.I. Love fixing tvs and would like to learn more especially troubleshooting thenm using oscilloscopes.Thank you guys for this tutorial

  83. Rohit kiroriwal says:

    Mere pass 2004 ka liya huaa mini tv h tv ke sabhi parts me crunt ja raha h le kin na hi picture aa rhi h or sound bhi nahi aa raha h please help me

  84. chris weto says:

    my China universal tv board has a power problem. after the power came by the help of universal power supply., there was no picture. my tv cannot tune to any station. pls help!

  85. ashok singh says:

    Sir I appreciate your efforts. Thank you. Sir I hav a problem in my lg tv. The problem is, everytime when I switch on the tv, it displays a very strong bright screen and within 10 seconds its automatically switch off by itself. What is the problem? Plz, help me soon.

  86. Yenew Birhan says:

    Please send to me the repairing guide of Lg tv.

  87. Yenew Birhan says:

    My LG TV has light line horizontally, but no picture. How can I repair my LG TV?

  88. 9742411683 says:

    hello sir
    plz solve our tv problem
    it turns off itseilf and not turns on .after some time when we switch on again it will runs sometimes
    for 1 hour and sometimes for 2 hours (philips make real plat 21PT2215)

  89. Yenew Birhan says:

    What doe mean ABL resistor.

  90. 9742411683 says:

    Thanks in advance. Sir I appriciate your effort to solve most of tv problems.I have problems with my Philips RealFLAT (21PT2215)crt tv.The problem is that while running it gets swich off automatically.After sometimes when we starts it gets on, But after sometimes again the same problems me to solve the problem

  91. rajoo dewani says:

    I installing in BPL 21 inches tv. Here i found height is low bottom and upper side with horizontal low left and right means all side picture is cutting. this picture likes portable picture on 21 inches screen.
    pls give solution to increase picture all over without changing YOKE. I think this is miner aultration like capacitor or resister.

  92. krishna says:

    hi my crt tv audio starting 15min no audio after .

  93. Tariq ahmad khan says:


  94. subas says:

    hi 9742411683 i hav chine tv in my home n got the same problem it swir=tches off on atomatically so when i checked the power section i found there is the equipment which has conductor coin between 2 polls which some how got lossen up so i just repositioned it and walaa

  95. Mathew Nkole says:

    Thank you for this helpful solution!

  96. niguss says:

    it is a good hint thanlk you

  97. lhendup says:

    i really thanks for your teaching of repairing crt tv repair.. i got so many knowledge from you n want learn more from you about electronic repairing will be grateful if u could help me since i have a small electronic shop for self repairing after going through eltronic books n on google as well from u here after,, i will be more grt if sir could teach me how to indentify the parts in the tv board n how to to check it..

  98. abdullah says:

    Daewoo DTD29″ Tv. when swicth on the tv. fuse blown up.any suggestion plz.

    • isaac says:

      hi abdullah, first check the main rectifier diodes if shorted if ok check for a driver transistor if there is one an also the switchng transistor if there is one i hope this helps, if not my email is for further help.

  99. Pandurangan says:

    Very useful

  100. Anhony bee says:

    My tv set only stand by mode

  101. sai says:

    hii sir…i have sansui tv and there tvs power light is on…
    bt when power light goes off tv gets start..
    problem is that tv not starting bt power lit just on…
    is smps problem?…
    and plz write in ur blog how tv work from smps to end whole..
    and how secondery suply goes to differnt section of tv…that coz ppl can trace problem

  102. zinja says:

    hello i cantt fix a crt tv showing black on one side any suggesttions

  103. Pandurangan says:

    This site useful every t.v mechanics useful

  104. chinnadurai says:

    philips tv swetch on after on picture

  105. Christopher says:

    I want to lear beacuse my tv have a power ang suond but the pictre tube is flicre and the fly back a bad soud

  106. franz says:

    Hello po. I have sony tv model kv ha21n70. Ok po ung sound,display pero wlang picture, Alin po kya pwde qng icheck na posibleng sira. Thank po…

  107. Randy says:

    Sir,how to fix the sony t.v sometimes it will on but sometimes it will off?

  108. uma shankar says:

    Hi I have LG 24″ CRT tv but when i connect set up box not and i checked cables is work. my problem is AV section not working

    • akoramazima says:

      a horizontal bright line which come after power is inserted,in a black background of a crt tv means what sir

  109. joy says:

    please Give me hints how to repair a tv circuit board i have a service centrr anx some times find difficult to solve them

  110. Ifeme Emmanuel says:

    Pls show all this section on the board with an arrow pointing to that direction.

  111. Abdul Rashid says:

    I want to know audio section, video section and names of components used in those sections

  112. Winnie says:

    I have a Telefunken 54 cm which is more than 5 years old, most of the time one station is not accessible. you find that other stations are accessible and one station for example SABC 1 is not, the following week other stations are accessible but etv is not or it show pictures but no sound. What could be the cause of the problem. Please help.



  113. Danny says:

    My amflifier when i switch on the fused is busted.. Please reply i want to learn trouble shooting

  114. mohammed says:

    shukren tnx


    I need your help regarding CRT LG TV with standby ligth when i plug it, but when i switch on the monitor did not open. what is the possible problem, please help me

  116. javaid says:

    Dear sir,
    I would like to request your goodself i have a 21
    color tv when we on this working is good but i can not see nambors on my disply like when we increase volume, volume is incresing but not nambors show on disply
    please tell me where is promlem

  117. stephen says:

    hi i have a universal tv board working but faulty buttons vol+,vol-,ch^,ch-and av/tv . please help.
    explain the opertion. thanks

  118. manish says:

    My videocone CRT TV is display many mix colors..Help

  119. Emmanuel says:

    my LG tv keeps drag current and the power ic always get burnt.the fuse is ok,i change the power ic and still it will on and drags the current and 2 sec the power ic will go bad again how do i fix it thanks

  120. Emmanuel says:

    my LG tv keeps draging current and the power ic always get burnt.the fuse is ok,i change the power ic and still it will on and drags the current and 2 sec the power ic will go bad again how do i fix it thanks

  121. boy says:

    sir patulong poh universal tv board nagbliblink standby red lights pag ipower ko

  122. Arun says:

    When i switch on the power,tv gets on.but no video or audio.

  123. annie says:

    I hav a Sony Tv its not LCD..n recently by mistake it fell down from the tv stand n its stopped working from den!! Please help me out with dis issue!!

  124. Emmanuel says:

    i have a sharp 14 in it has vertical line i change the vertical ic and still the problem persist

  125. Thairu says:

    How can i apply power module in a china made Tv?

  126. welda says:

    good knoldge

  127. Welda says:

    Hayesense CRT TV emage OK no saund

  128. Thairu says:

    What if the colour eg blue is not displayed on LCD Screen or CRT what will i do??

  129. when I power the tv it takes 5-8 hours plZ help

  130. keerthi kumar says:

    In Onida TV there is no red colour so kindly tell what to do to solve this problem

  131. amer says:

    Mga sir Pa Help PO.


    Pa i on mo POWER button swicth,may maririnig ka na crackling or frying sa loob…,pero may sounds po ang tv BLACK SCREEN nga lang & no RASTER.

    Actions Taken:

    Baklas ko ang unit at nakita ko na sumisingaw ang HV sa mismong rubber duct at tube contact,so na isip ko na baka madumi na iyong loob ng HV contact,so discharge HV ko then linis ko na HV contact sa picture tube & after that ikinabit ulit duct at test ko presto wala na crackling na maririnig pero black screen pa din,sinilip ko naman HEATER ayon open ang resistor so palit ako ng resistor ohms value ikinabit ko kasi na sunog iyong orig resistor niya di ko na makita kung ano value non.

    So after pinalitan ang resistor ng heater filament sa board,sa una nag ok siya may raster na umiilaw na..,but after a couple of minutes nawala naman ang raster so sinilip ko na naman ulit ang resistor at test with analog tester but the resistor is GOOD…,Isip Isip ulit..

    After isip isip..

    Try ko ulit i on ang tv ayon may naririnig na naman ako na crackling or frying,so this time wala na doon sa picture tube ang singaw ng HV, doon na naman sa may bandang leeg ng rubber duct ang sungaw ng hv,doon ko napansin na may tapal na pala ang flyback niya sa may bandang leeg ng rubber duct at sa flyback din mismo meron din tinapalan ng epoxy or devcon yata iyon.

    So may nakita ako na epoxy or devcon so tinapalan ko na lang ulit iyong parte na may sungaw ng HV..,after 1 hour pina andar ko ulit at presto ok naman ang unit may display na ulit..,but after ilang minuto ayon ayaw na naman mag display.

    So sa kakulitan ko pina andar ko na naka hang ang likod palad ng kamay ko sa front ng tv..

    Pero na shock ako kasi napakasakit iyong kuryente na tumama sa mga DULO ng mga daliri ko at that time medyo padilim na kaya medyo naaninag ko din iyong kuryente na parang pumapasok doon sa may yoke coil ng tv while pia ON mo ang tv.

    Na isip ko na iba na ito ah masakit na itong kuryente niya na supposed to be ang na fe feel lang natin eh parang TUMITINDIG lang balahibo ng likod palad natin.

    Sana na gets niyo ang ginawa ko na report about sa kinukumpuni ko na tv ngayon at sana matulungan at mabigyan ninyo ako good pointers or guide.

    Salamat po.

  132. Tariq says:

    Hi, dear.
    I Have same tv kit. I am facing the problem tha that after 3 to 5 minutes H-out transister burns. Plz guide me what to do?

  133. Josephrdime says:

    hello sir, I have a problem on my JVC crt tv model AV-21YA15, when I turn it on, picture was ok in 1 second then it turns to white screen with a small fraction of black colored rectangular box on the upper right corner. what’s the problem of this?

    • Josephrdime says:

      sir ronelex Patulong naman po oj. pag on ko po sa JVC crt tv model AV-21YA15 may mag labas na picture normal pero seconds lng po tpos ung tv screen it becomes totally white at may mga konting rectangular boxes na ang color ay black pero majority po white screen, ok po ung audio nito. ano po ang problema?

    • ronelex says:

      check mo sa may vertical section section, replace capacitors

  134. Carter Carbon says:

    Hello Sir,.. I am into electronic repairs as well. I have encountered an ONIDA 19 inch TV in which the blue standby light flicks for about 3 or 4 times then the standby light just stops and shows the appearance of having NO POWER. TV doesn’t come on,.. Any suggestions?

  135. azamkhan says:

    cqc bord on and after 5 second off please tell the solution

  136. dyoll says:

    Sir ronelex may tanong lang po ako ano po bang problema sa united nato CS-29z58m5 ok naman po yong flyback ok din ang primary kaso pag nag on na sya boses lang po ang marinig walang display sa pic nya tapos tinig. Nan ko ang hv nya bat 200v lang po.

  137. K kachari says:

    Hi, I have a onida crt tv..when I power on TV half screen on upper side appears but no problem with sound

  138. mohammed says:

    my philips 21″flat tv over oscilation.EHT solved..why…?

  139. Moses Kim says:

    do you deal with a computer

  140. emmanuel says:

    hi ronelex,
    i have a 28″ crt sanyo tv that i replaced the fbt but the problem is that it has a pincushion effect on the sides. can you please advise me how to solve this problem?


  141. Zafar says:

    I have samsung 50 inch tv. Screen permanently shows “digital noise filter on, digital noise filter off and auto visualisation” How can i remove it

  142. jerome parado says:

    bos pano aucin ung tv na bigla nlng nmamatay khit mtgal nang naka open,,paro kusa din na bumubukas,,

  143. Shiva says:

    LG TV of the type CRT is not switching ON

  144. murthydp says:

    LG tv kit prablam all voltahe is ok but e h t not working

  145. murthydp says:

    All voltege ok but why not working

  146. Syed Kamran says:

    MY circuit is China, problem Is. when I Connect The yoke Coil Connector In PCB The Supply Get Short, What is The Problem plz help

  147. shrikant says:

    Color TV kit falt

  148. Thanks for your support and education may God bless you.

  149. Frank says:

    Sir i have my hisense tv that is showing retrace lines(white horizontal lines ) i have changed all the capacitors in the vertical section and secondary power section. Please help me thanks in advance

  150. pape pem says:

    Sir, I have sharp tv 21V-FR350 (GA4M chassis). It have multiple vertical bars on right screen causing multiple video image with white streaks on bright images. Replacing filter capacitors on power supply did not solve the trouble. Hope you have ideas on my problem.
    Thank you

  151. Baber Khan says:

    I am very thankfull to you…..i request to that can you sent me all solutions of chaina tv kit n urdu language…with images…
    If you can do it so i am again very very thankfull to u again n again ….pls help me….

  152. Romy Osia says:

    sir, dami ko pong natututunan sa blog nyo. tanong ko narin po problema sa tv ko. walang video, may sound. at may high freq. sound na maririnig pag-on ng tv. salamat…god bless

  153. imran says:


    i had got a new pcb for my 14 inch crt tv to use. i had installed it but when i use the auto tune optoin to set the channels. it is tunning the picture not correctly. whenever the color is getting the set the audio is not heard or when the audio is heard the picture is going black and white please tell me how to fix this tuning problem

  154. pls sir tda11105ps powe ok 110 volt ok 5volt ok 8volt ok no swiching

  155. AMIT says:

    i have samsung palno crt. during humid days pic cut/shortens from bottom (about 1-2 inch) and no sound. earlier sound used to come back and pic restored to normal size on dry days but not now. pl suggest reason for defect and possible solution.

  156. shahram says:

    hello…very nice website. here i want to ask 1 problem. my crt sony tv when push the on button then auto shutdown…only blink light and then shut down. what should i do please. tqvm in advanced.

  157. marlon says:

    hi sir.,i just want to ask what causes my crt sony wega tv.,when you turn ON the swhitch the LED indicator lights(steady light) but no display no sound.,the fuse is ok.,but the 1.5 ohm resistor is very hot when i plug in the tv.,i did not found a bulging capacitor.,

  158. madu says:

    my man, i have lg with double focus. When on, it take hours b4 image appear.pls the solution

  159. Thompson says:

    Tv repair tips/no stations

  160. Sivaprasad says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have a Onida 29″ CRT tv which having problem, the H-out transister blows off while power on, I have replaced the LOT, still the problem is same. please help me to resolve the problem. Please do the needfull.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sivaprasad M

  161. Joseph Vigo Malindi says:

    I have LG XD Ultra slim 29FU6RL-Z5, the problem is it has just shown a vertical line at the centre but the sound is ok what can be the problem?

  162. Nicholas Maruva Dinara says:

    I like this

  163. simbule says:

    I have to repair the tv set.the problem is that I keep put the vertical ic but it keeps browing what could be the problem

  164. madu says:

    my double focus tv take a long time to show up pictures

  165. Jacob Reuben says:

    My LG Flatron CRT TV is faulty. Whenever I switched on, a white screen appears with no pictures, but good sound, and it turns off automatically after few seconds. What is the problem, and how do I go about fixing it.

  166. jhumer says:

    May tv ako n astron na green lang kulay nya ng una tapos bigla nlang wala ng lumabas pero may power nman pano po yon

    • ronelex says:

      If you have a some knowledge on electronics and knows how to use soldering iron, try to re-solder some legs who have cracked in solder joints. Then test it after you finished re-soldering the joints

  167. abraham says:

    Keep it on

  168. daniel says:

    Hi i have a lg crt tv model cf29h30n which as a blue screen only at the top (about 150mm )balance of the screen is blank.

    Also i have a sansui sv2918 changed the strf worked for a day the next day did not come on .

  169. baddy jamolin says:

    Sir tv ko may horizontal line mga lima piraso guhit at may mga kulay kada guhit red green blue anong section may problema dun? Crt tv po yun

  170. ram lakhan vishwakarma says:

    remote is ok but not working in tv senser is ok pls help me

  171. ram lakhan vishwakarma says:

    ic tda11105 /v3

  172. baddy jamolin says:

    Sir samsung crt tv pag power on po ok pag i off kona po hindi namamatay ang picture pero yung sound patay na ano pong section posibling may sirA

  173. sunil says:

    Supply high voltage 200v , 35v, 20v

  174. Kiran says:

    Hi i have a sansui tv with dark screen. When i check it power supply is ok there is no eht . 110v is also normal all voltages are normal except 180v to crt is missing how to solve this plz help

  175. lalit says:

    a bright horizontal is come in my t.v…..sir plz can u tell me the problem

  176. sajeev kumar says:

    i have LG 14inch colour tv firs time shows full red colour . now it showing black screen. raster and sound is ok. please help

  177. Sana Bhai says:


    I take this opportunity to inform you that as and when i switch on TV at the very next moment….vertical lines become visible….and the same problem intact….and when i switch it off again… then it becomes in proper functioning….

  178. Rizalde florendo says:

    master good day ask ko lang po baka may alam kayo kung paano pwede gawin astron 14″ colored tv po may problem kasi everytime na inoopen yung tv walang volume tapos pag nagkaka volume naman nag ke create lang ng noise hugong ng hugong ano po kaya pwede gawin dun mga master na try ko na din i open yun t.v tas i check pyesa sa loob pero still ganun pa din na eencounter na problem ..sana po matulungan nyo ko ..thanks in advance

  179. remedan muntaz says:

    it’s really good. pls keep it up

  180. Samuel from Uganda says:

    You’re doing a great job by teaching us how to handle these electronic deices

  181. Samuel from Uganda says:

    My TV displays nothing wen I switch t on,no power light no any
    thing at all. What could the problem be?

  182. Ras says:

    hi my brother, I have a 74cm china CRT TV. I have checked all the primary components; changed hot transistor. The heat sink is heating normal; I do get 300V+ across the main cap that also reaches the base of the hot transistor. The problem is, I don’t get the secondary voltages (90V -110V) at all; and the LED does not light. Can I suspect a chopper on this case or can the secondary be also responsible for the LED?

  183. praveen m says:

    their is a crackling sound from my tv and an arc comming out from anode tube. some odur is also coming. how to repair…

  184. rupesh says:

    This all tips were very useful i want learn more things abt it plz let me know

  185. Hammad Hussain says:

    hello dear!
    i have a china 29 inch circuit in mega television.fault is no video retrace lines are there pls help me how can i check this

  186. Kindly provide me with the full names of all abriviations with regards to all 64 pins of the jungle ic. Eg ABL STATING ITS FULL MEANING AND FUNCTION.


    I SHALL BE VERY PLEsed to hear from u .

    THANK U.

  187. raja says:

    When i switch ON my tv it takes 15 to 20 mins to get the picture but the audio is normal. Pls replay me as soon as possible… thankyou…

  188. raja says:

    My tv takes time 15 to 20 mins to flash the picture

  189. Sunny says:

    My 14 inches Sharp TV.after repairing the power problem,the led will on and bust but when I plug the line trasfomer and tube socket into the tube it will not work the led will be on and off.what can I do

  190. LEWIS NJOVU says:

    My friend am looking forward to hear over this fautly the screen have fenit vertical lines almost like a gost pictur ic 8873help

  191. Manas says:

    How much mpl fuse shuld be used if fuse is shorted, help

  192. Toshman says:

    Thanks somuch ur blog is helpful but need more info about lcd and plasma tvs,so hw can i get it

  193. finan says:

    i have crt tv and its board is universal now its problem is there is power but no sound and no picture only red light of the led what can i do pls give me ur advice

  194. ahmed says:

    my 17 inches china tv only sound comes but no picture plz plz solved my problem

  195. apparaya says:

    Very useful suggestions for me sir

  196. Steve Spartalis says:

    Telefunken 24 “, no sound, no picture, not been dropped! Plug into power point, standby light flashes
    five times and then disappears?
    You can carry out the same process all day with out
    avail, T V worked well for only two months?
    Thank you for any advice?

    • ronelex says:

      I thinks the protection system of your unit sense that there is wrong on some section of the board. Im not so familiar on that unit :)

  197. akash arora says:

    my onida crt tv screen converges and tv shut down then tv techn replace the ic then after 8 to 10 hrs the ic again short with the same

  198. Sunil says:

    Dear sir. .
    Automatically pictures is gne. 1ly sound is heard lk as tue. .tue. ..

  199. reshma says:

    HI, i an using a BPL crt tv…there are multiple horizontal and vertical line coming like a net on the screen..what could be the possible solution to this problem.what should i do?

  200. shuvo says:

    I have a china crt tv. green color is missing. what am I doing?

  201. Ash says:

    Problem with my TV is that, its off automatically with louder and longer sounds (Different). After some time, when we switch on TV, its became ON, but after some time its off with same pattern. Its ON time is vary from seconds to few hours.

    • ronelex says:

      Its hard top make some speculation on that kind of problem. Its better to be looked by a certified technicianm caused I think there is leak on the high voltage section of the TV inside.

      • Ash says:

        Thnx Ronelex… I think you are right. Is there any chance to leak from Picture tube Cap ??

      • Sadia says:

        Hi, sir i have panasonic tv and after it gets old we replaced its kit with china kit or whatever we say it (actually im housewife so i dont know the names of technical things) one day its was running very well suddenly picture was dispeard every thing is working fine accept it did not showing the picture or sound we thought there is a trouble in our cable network bt the cable operater said cable network is working question is why it dose not showing the picture?plz reply me fast we r poor and we dont have any money to pay electrition.

  202. Dear sir:
    Sony led tv automate power on off,on off, every 3 Secord

  203. Arul says:

    Have a CRT tv connect with tatasky dth. All of sudden week before, brightness rapidly changed down that could not see the images and just look dark. To add, the digital picture quality changed to cable kind quality. When asked ts, say problem with tv. Sometimes when scenes are of indoors it is so dark that could not view anything on screen.

  204. rajkumar says:

    no video no audio tn tv only stanby mode

  205. Mudassar says:

    i have a National GL 21″ tv, prob is it stays on standby mod like you turn it off with remote when i try to turn it on with remote power button or with a channel button it just comes on for a second and then turn off go to standby mod. after trying more then 15 min spamming remote power then it turns on sometime it don’t, like something needs to be heat up to turn it on can i fix it home coz it is very heavy to take it to technicians.

    • ronelex says:

      If you have some knowledge in electronics, you can try to resolder the legs of the components and if the problem still there, maybe it is caused by a leaky capacitor. Just have it look by a certified technician :)

  206. Yahiya says:

    Lg 14″ tv 110v is very high above 200 whats the problem please reply me

  207. Thom says:

    Please may you help me over horizontal line

    • ronelex says:

      kindly check for the power supply for the vertical IC or there is a case that the vertical IC is the culprit or some of the capacitors in the vertical section is leaky :)

  208. ASHOKAN says:

    I LG 32 INCH FLAT SCREEN TV no led onely beeping sound from high voltage section[eht]
    please advice sir

    • ronelex says:

      maybe a power supply problem, kindly check for some bloated capacitors and open resistors and shorted regulators and transistors in the power section :)

  209. sajeev kumar says:

    i bought a new 14 inch universal colour tv kit. i fixed kit in 14 inch tube. one problem show in screen ie,size of the picture is big and not showing the channel log . please reply sir

  210. Sathish says:

    Iam Mising 21inch Flat Lcd Pilips Vertical Ic. How Do I Find The Verticl Ic

  211. Von says:

    How to check flyback???

  212. Zwaiml says:

    My 54cm futronic tv set has sound but the screen is blank, how can I fix it

  213. shazz says:


    My telefunken 32 inch TV just went black. no sound no picture not even a light when you switch it on and off. is this repairable or what. please help

  214. shaan says:

    Earlier my CRT LG flatron plus is ok, bt from,dome days my tv only show blue colour picture,, not in RCB colour,, only blue, tv is running bt not in same,as earlier,, which part of my tv create a prblm ,, plz suggest n explain

  215. Ram says:

    Power on off problem

  216. Peter says:

    Using a new lineman brand universal motherboard, The channel video and audio signal tune itself for 3 minute and outtune itself another 3 minute. Is the RF tuner a problem?

  217. Felipe olivar says:

    Sir san ba makabili ng esr tester kc wla nman sa mga electronics supply

  218. Harshal Khadatkar says:

    I have Videocon Bazoomba CRT colour Television. But from last TV repair, It shows a problem of frequent changes in contrast and clarity. The display changes Contrast from normal to high, and picture gets light and dusty white. It frequently changes contrast and clarity automatically for some time, again and again. What is the problem?

  219. samboonki sumer says:

    I learn from you thank you! But my tv is having the other promlem

  220. Felipe says:

    May inaayos akong tv na kong switch mo lang yong led tapos pag pinindot mo yong channel mag bblink lng ng dalawang beses yong led.please help

  221. Ren Castro says:

    My Sharp TV is only on standby mode, no raster/no video. But there’s a presence of radiation/HV when I press the power button at the beginning. There’s a presence of led light. What is the culprit?

  222. Taiseen says:

    Our tv is crown company it’s on off button is not working

  223. Taiseen says:

    tv is crown company it’s on off button is not working give tips

  224. rhanz says:

    gud day sir, ask lang po sa ng pano pumasok ng service ng astron tv? meron black bar na natira sa taas at baba.. napalitan kona lahat caps sa vertical section..

  225. rhanz says:

    gud day sir ronelex, how to enter service mode of astron tv model 14/17/21/25/29

  226. jemal akalu says:

    ur smart 10Q 4all

  227. hie my screen flyback transistor does not reciving power help pleace

  228. randy says:

    sir ronelex anong parts po kya ng samsung crt tv 21″slimflat may black sa left side ng screen 2″ pakurba.sobrA maginit ang output transistor.nag actual nko ng mylar cap sa hor circuit but still ganun pa din.pls help tnx..

  229. dj spike says:

    sir i have a sony crt tv.the problem is sound is good and picture is ok but there is horizontal lines dancing from the middle of the screen to down…what is the posible solution on it

  230. minsaj says:

    Lg 21’inch crt tv turn on after stand by by

  231. Bharat Bhandarkar says:

    I want complete nots on made in China complete fault finding all section plz

  232. MONIRI says:

    Hi in tv color crt somsung 5057x bittwen negativ polerite big capasitor(150micro 400v) and big resistanc(4.7ohm 10watt) is short with 30ohm.and out put transistor always video with sound so weak..pls guide me.thank you so the way how do we check shorted before plug in..thanks…

  233. Janis Payne says:

    I couldn’t find my problem in the list of folks posting. My older (early 2000’s) 52 inch Toshiba Cinema Series HD model CT-9953 has gone blue suddenly. Any hope for it?
    Thank you,
    Janis Payne

  234. Rommel says:

    Sir patulong naman. Yung crt 21″ sharp tv ko kasi kapag binuhay mo namamatay agad mga 3secs nabalik laang sa standby tapos may single horizontal line sa gitna pero nagana naman yung sounds? Gusto ko po kasi ayusin mag isa. Capacitor lang po ba kaya ang papalitan?

  235. Rahul says:

    Hello, When I switch on my tv during winters, the video does not appear but audio is fine , after some time on changing channels, the video apperas.
    Please tell me to fix this problem

  236. Pandiarajan says:

    Our old onida color tv has problem.once we can switch on a tv. After 2min run ok then no display.again 2 or 3 times frequently switch on tv run ok this is our problem.

  237. Jovel cabugnason says:

    Hi, my Panasonic LCD TV dead .. when I power it ON , only the vertical LINE at the center appear .. I already done resolder the vertical IC. but nothing happen

  238. Hussain says:

    Hello sir
    I have Toshiba TV
    I open the TV after more than one hour pictures coming clear old help me
    Thank you

  239. Abid Ajmeri says:

    My Hitachi color TV picture OK,sound OK fault aisa he ki thodi der chalu raheta he fir automatic bandh ho jata he plz help me

  240. mark marbella says:

    sir ronelex patulong po AQ sainyo, ung Tv sanyo 21 in q ko ay nagbi blink tpz check q horizontal transistor is shorted, pinalitan q na po pero ganun prin , anu po ba kya depekto pyesa ,? thanks po.

  241. Bhavesh says:

    I selfe tv repering too lurn plise sir which site too gaide

  242. Aniruddh Bhagat says:

    My sansui tv shows only black & white to fix this problem ?

  243. Sathish says:

    Tv Model: samsung model cs21a551ml.

    TV screen size need to adjust. In my home having Samsung TV picture size is not fit to screen. Corners of the pictures are not displaying. Please help me to resolve the issue. Please send steps for resolving the issue to my mail ID.

  244. larry says:

    hi good am..
    i have fukuda tv CRT type…the problem is no reception all channel
    pls help
    thank you

  245. Christopher says:

    Hi i’m very grateful your working experience is good i have a serious problem I want to learn how to repair tv tuner, channel searching and video input circuit problems. I i will appreciate it if my request is granted. God bless you.


  246. satnam singh says:

    My Sansui TV ‘s cathode tube has been damaged.what would be solution?can I Purchase a new tube for my TV If yes then from where and what will be it cost

  247. Ward says:

    Sir gud day..ask ko lang po if anu causes ng retrace line sa crt tv…anung klaseng capacitor po kung un man ang cira at san po banda hanapin….slamat po and godbless

  248. vignesh says:

    sir my onida tv crt display is not powered ON and no sound when i connect to cable line and sometimes it display an (red light on near power on button) what is the problem sir on my tv???

  249. Mark Jones says:

    Hi thank you for the info much appreciated my tv is showing twirly lines with the picture in the backround- lines costantly moving

  250. ali says:

    I have china TV . the fault is its red colour come and goes in display. some time it remain OK for many day. than red disappeared
    plz reply me

  251. omoti Wycliffe says:

    Hae this Is good for me and thanks for help
    How can I repair My wega tv which does not show any short circuit since all diodes are in good condition only power is in primary coil but not in SECONDARY coil

  252. SOLOMON BELAY says:


  253. roquel panago says:

    how about if a light power indecator only will on what iS the possible defect of it? standby power only?

  254. Ratish says:

    I have Samsung ultraslim model CS21B860AL, It was problem that It started a scattering noise and in black screen it shows red horizontal lines screen looks red. After I repaired now there is no scattering noise but the display problem is as usual present, So can you tell me how to fix this problem. one thing i show that in the display line RGB the red color lines are bright more then other it can be turn off even black screen. Only blue color lines are working if black color on screen it turnoff and blue then turned on.I will send you picture if there is some attachment is available. Yes after some time TV running in the display the lines gone away inside but visible little if see deeply in to display. So plz’ tell me the setting of hardware to correct this malfunction. Can I adjust by remote control in standby mode pressing Display+Mute+Menu+power. Can it will work or any hardware matter?
    please replay.

  255. colin says:

    my 21 inch royal c8208 tv only lights up the standby light when switched on but flickers on screen when switching off

  256. antwi Isaac says:

    I’m good technician and if anyone needs my support I will guide that person with my skills of electronic servicing like Television and Home sound system. that my whatsapp line +233248828793.

  257. Anil Bhan says:

    Hi i have samsung 21 inch color crt tv , from yesterday, i am facing the power issue, tv is unable to power on , i have checked its a.c power terminals, these ar ok. Please help me out

  258. Badri says:


  259. Felipe says:

    Sir, ano posebling dahilan ng palaging nagoopen Ang resistor sa B+line papuntang B+ pin ng fly back?

  260. surendra pal says:

    Tv repair no current

  261. Jugnu says:

    This circuit l.e.d is on but tv not on. These problem solving please..

  262. Along says:

    Power eht oscillations

  263. Debadatta dash says:

    Sir thank you.

  264. Sameer says:

    Hello, I have a Onida flat TV from yesterday it is not getting started. When I plugged it blinks the power light but TV is not getting ON. Pls let me know what is the problem and how to solve it.

  265. godfrey says:

    This ic isnot wokeng good

  266. sifiso says:

    “thanks for your information guys. and i am looking forward to learn from I am a new experience in electronics…

  267. Rams says:

    Good day! Meron po akong crt tv na ang problema ay all blue screen, sound ok, no picture, volume indicator, menu & channel not display. San po ang problema nito? Thanks in advance.

  268. Chris jali says:

    My tv (samsung tube type) is slowly having the picture fading. It still has colour but the picture is gradually fading.trying to adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness or cloud nothing is working.

  269. Madu says:

    Crt tv white screen sound no program

  270. ostman says:

    loving this article it has really helped me,

  271. Gowri naidu says:

    LG CRT TV 14inchs vertical top bend how to repair

  272. Niranjan says:

    My crt tv picture getting horizontal line because of ic problem how ic will cost ?

  273. Chandrashekhar says:

    Hi Sir kindly help,
    My CRT TV Samsung – CS21A551ML/YEAR 2010 have half screen problem.
    The problem is that only bottom size works well but top half size goes black with green,blue and red thin lines appearing on top side.

    Sir what may be the problem kindly help me.

  274. Chabeli Ramothello says:

    pls I need help. my 54 cm CRT royal TV shows only red light when i switch it on, what could be the possible fault and solution……

    kind regards
    Desperate brother

  275. Bryon says:

    The glass screen is broken on my flat-screen 30 inch pensonic but TV is working still. Can that be replaced

  276. Gilson goodson says:

    Hie my wrs China CRT TV is on standby nothing on screen help.

  277. Srinivas G says:

    Dear sir,

    My Samsung CRT TV has a problem that is while it is playing, suddenly the screen will make a horizontal line upward, when I was knock the side case of TV, it will appear good, but sound is all time okay.
    please suggest…

  278. Banjo pulumbarit says:

    Boss ano kaya ang problema ng tv ko samsung guhit guhit lang na parang papel

  279. Anirvan says:

    What audio ICs are used in crt tvs ?
    Please give a list. Are they split supply types or single supply ones ?

  280. Enock says:

    Akira crt 54cm model:ct-21sj9cp no voltage to vertical ic pin

  281. Come says:

    Hello am TV technician but every times tda start by11105ps etc is replaced TV is not displays if it tries to display is just few seconds I tried to replace That tda many times but I couldn’t find any positive answer except changing tv card u can help me if possible

  282. Tichaona mazwiembiri says:

    Thank you for remarkable information

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